Cambridgeshire Indoor Development League Korfball Rules 2007/8


  Walkover victory :  When a ruling results in a walkover victory being awarded to a team, that victory shall be classed as a 5-0 win.



 1.1 Match Cancellations and Rearrangements

 1.1.1 Once a match has been scheduled with the agreement of both clubs postponement of a fixture will not be allowed.

 1.1.2 If a team is unable to attend a fixture, that team must give at least 72 hours notice of the postponement to the opposing team AND the Fixtures Officer. It is the Offending Team’s responsibility to inform the referee. In the event that a referee attends an abandoned match because the offending team does not inform the referee they shall also pay the referee’s match fee to the referee Teams giving less than the required 72 hours notice to the opposition will be responsible for the FULL cost of the hall fees for the cancelled match, regardless of whether that team was playing home or away. Failure to attend a fixture will result in the opposing team being awarded a walkover victory for the fixture. If both teams fail to attend a fixture the result will be void, no points being awarded to either team.

 1.1.3 No ‘doubling-up of results’ will be permitted.

 1.2 Late and Non Attendance

 1.2.1 If a team is more than 15 minutes late for a fixture, the opposing team may claim a walkover victory, or choose to play a shorter match in the time remaining. The referee must be informed of the decision before any play begins. If a walkover is claimed, then any ‘friendly’ play which takes place after the decision has been made will not have any bearing on the league, providing the referee is informed BEFORE play begins.  A team that chooses to play a shorter match, will NOT be able to declare the match a friendly AFTER the match.  Similarly, a team that chooses a walkover will not be able to reverse this decision after any ‘friendly’ play begins. The Results Officer must be informed of the situation immediately after the match. It is the referee’s responsibility to do this. If a walkover is claimed, the home team may claim the FULL cost of the hall fee from the offending team.  The offending team will also be responsible for paying the refereeing fee to the referee. The ‘15 minute late’ deadline means that, in the opinion of the referee, players must be on the pitch and ready to play at that time, not getting changed or any other reason. If any ‘friendly’ play takes place and a player is sent off then this will be treated as if the match was a league match and the sent off player will be dealt with under Rule 4.2.

 1.2.2 Teams failing to attend a fixture will be treated as if they have given less than the required period of notice for cancellation.

 1.3 Abandonment

 1.3.1 If a match is abandoned due to circumstances for which one of the teams is responsible, the other team will be awarded a walkover victory.

 1.3.2 If a match is abandoned due to circumstances beyond the teams’ control (e.g. serious injury), if less than half the match has been played the result will be void, no points being awarded to either team.. If more than half the match has been played, the score should stand as that when the match was abandoned.

In either of the above circumstances, the Results Officer must be informed. The Results Officer’s decision about the nature of the abandonment will be final.


 2.1 Club Responsibilities

 2.1.1 The home club will be responsible for providing referees for each fixture and any choice if more than one CKA approved referee is available.

 2.1.2 The referee can be any CKA approved referee, including those from the clubs participating in the match.

 2.1.3 Each club is responsible for ensuring that it has enough approved referees to be able to fulfil its commitments.

 2.1.4 There can be no objections, for example from the team captains, to any CKA approved referee. A stand-in referee can be used who is not CKA approved, but this must have the approval of both team captains.

 2.2 Failed Attendance

 2.2.1 Any club not providing an appropriate, CKA approved referee to an allocated fixture will not be fined by the CKA. Where the match doesn’t take place the home team are responsible for the hall costs.

 2.2.2 A referee who is more than 15 minutes late to a fixture will be classed as absent.

 2.2.3 In the event of an absent referee the match may go ahead if both captains agree to allow another person to referee the match.  In this case the stand-in referee need not be CKA approved, but must have the approval of both team captains.

 2.2.4 If a refereeing club knows in advance that they will be unable to attend a fixture they may attempt to organise a CKA approved replacement.  In such a case the team originally allocated the refereeing commitment is still ultimately responsible for the referee’s attendance and liable to any fines incurred.

 2.3 Match fixtures

 2.3.1 It is the responsibility of the referee to provide a match form for the fixture (available from the Results Officer), and ensure that it is completed and sent to the Results Officer within one week of the match .

 2.3.2 It is the responsibility of the home team to pay the refereeing fee on completion of the fixture (unless the rules regarding match attendance have been broken, see section 1). If a team fails to do this, the referee should inform the Results Officer.

 2.3.3 All comments about refereeing standards should be directed to the CKA Refereeing Officer. The CKA Refereeing Officer will review the standard of individual referees if necessary and may revoke the referee’s approved status if necessary.


 3.1 Points and Placements

 3.1.1 Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and nothing for losing.

 3.1.2 For those teams tied on points then league positions will be decided by goal difference, then by goals scored.

 3.2 Promotion and Relegation

 3.2.1 There is no promotion or relegation from the Development League.


 4.1 Team Composition

 4.1.1 All players should be registered with the BKA as soon as possible after starting to play in the Cambridge Indoor Korfball Development League.

 4.1.2 If both teams are short of players at the start of the match then the match may still be played if there are at least 6 pairs of matched players (i.e. same sex). If there are insufficient numbers to fulfil this criteria, the result will be declared null and void (i.e. no points will be scored by either team) and the hall and refereeing costs will be shared between the two clubs involved.

 4.1.3 There is no restriction on who can play for a team in the Development League.

 4.1.4 All junior (under 18) players must be approved by the CKA i.e. an underage player request form for the player must be completed and approved by the CKA committee, before they can play in the CKA Development League. If a junior player who has not been approved plays in the CKA Development League then the penalties are :-

       the team shall be deemed to have lost the match and the match will be awarded to the opposition as a walkover victory

       AND the team shall be deducted 2 points

       AND the club shall be fined £20

 4.2 Misconduct

 4.2.1 Following a yellow or red card being issued in a match, BKA guidelines for all disciplinary matters will be followed.

 4.2.2 The CKA may take action following a match, regardless of whether a red or yellow card was issued

 4.3 Rules

 4.3.1 All league matches will be played to the latest IKF Rules of Korfball

 4.3.2 Each team shall be entitled to one time-out.

 4.3.3 The Home team is responsible for providing a ball for the match.

 4.3.4 Matches shall nominally consist of 5 minutes warm up, 2 halves of 25 minutes, 2 minutes for timeouts with 3 minutes for half time.

 4.3.5 The home team shall select which end to attack and set out first. The home team shall have the throw off to start the first half, and the away team to start the second half.


 5.1 Dates

 5.1.1 The first half of the season is defined as being between the dates of the 30th September and the 31st December of the year in which the competition commences. The second half of the season shall be between the 1st January and the 30th April of the following year. All matches must be played by the end of the half of the season in which they were scheduled to be played by the Fixtures Officer, i.e. all first half matches must be played by 31st December and all second half matches must be played by 30th April. Results for matches which have not been played in time will be decided by the agreement of the following 3 CKA Officers, Fixtures, Results and Chair.

 5.2 Financial Matters

 5.2.1 The cost of hall bookings and referee fees for individual fixtures are to be met by the home team, unless a rule infringement has occurred which entitles the home team to claim the fees from the opposition (as indicated in the relevant rules).

 5.3 Problems and Complaints

 5.3.1 Any problems should be referred to the Results Officer as soon as they arise.

 5.3.2 In all matters relating to the league, the decision of the Results Officer will be final.

 5.4 Safety

 5.4.1 All teams must have access to a first aid kit for their home matches.


 6.1 Team Fees

 6.1.1 The league entry fees will be £15 for each team a club enters into the Cambridgeshire Korfball Development League.

 6.1.2 Fees are to be paid to the CKA Treasurer before the start of the season’s competition.

 6.2 Referees Fees

 6.2.1 The Referee’s fee for attending a match shall be £5.

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