Minutes of CKA AGM meeting at the Boot, Histon, Cambridgeshire, Thursday, 5th September



Sam, Jam, Nick, Liv, Dave B, Ian, Dave W, Liz, Sally, Lee, Andy, Rick



Scott, Dave S, Zareh






Thanks to all of committee and others who have helped through out the year.  Special mention to juniors committee, Lee and Lions for the CKA tournament and Liv and her helpers for the County tournament.  Ian has rep CKA at the BKA AGM.  Thanks to Ade for being secretary.


Treasurers report


£1928.62 funds available.  Seniors made a profit of £1589.89 with the Juniors losing £51.54 (2001-loss £699.86).


Secretary’s report


Still vacant


Junior Development chair’s report


Now have 6 junior coaches.  Expanding in age range of children coached. Great team of junior development team members. Parents meetings held regularly.  Planning to implement KKA awards scheme.  Sjibren and Minke have produced a newsletter.  Involved in the Inter Area and BKA Youth Cup, mini tournaments with local schools and Dutch team.  National Youth Day – took 7 teams and will host next years event.  Aim to increase numbers and profit.  Mixed matches adults and children are good and will continue.  Club school link went well and link has been developed with Dutch Club.  £800 grant from City Council, $4924 Awards for all grant.  Only 2 juniors came from City Sport.  Trip to Holland was successful.  Training will move to Perse from 8/9/02.


Senior Development report


Dave B resigned


Coaching report


Set up improvers course and waiting for the more advanced course to be organised.


Press and Publicity report


Weekly reports in newspapers. Rick interviewed on radio.  Radio Cambridgeshire and Anglia TV attended tournament.  Littleport Lions have good amount of publicity in Ely.  Regularly in BKA magazine.  Purchased 2 promotional videos for Korfbal. Suggest that City Sport should be responsibility of development officer.


Refereeing Officers report


People have take the exam and passed over the year.


Results report


Reported weekly in email update and website.  Occasional chasing up of scorecards could be lessened.


Fixtures report


Successful season no major problems


Election of Officers


Chair                                       Ian

Treasurer                                 Liz

Secretary                                 remains vacant

Junior Dev                                Liv

Senior Dev                               Lee (new to post)

Coaching                                  Scott

Press and Publicity                    Rick

Refereeing                                Andy

Results                                     Nick

Fixtures                                    Dave B


All post members re-elected unless indicated.


National League Side representation on committee


Proposal to have a rep for the National League side to sit on the committee with full voting rights.  This was accepted and Dave B will amend the constitution.


CKA website


Scott has agreed to run and maintain a CKA website.  The fees will be paid by the CKA.


BKA Area Cup competition


JAM to organise the senior Inter Area cup

Liv to organise the junior Inter Area cup.


Terms of Reference for 10 Year working party


Dave S, Andy, David B, Ian and Liv will meet according to the terms of reference (see below).


Terms of reference for the CKA working party on a 10 Year Strategy Document for Korfball in Cambridgeshire


The working party will look at all aspects of Korfball in Cambridgeshire.


This will include, but is not necessary a comprehensive list,


Financing of the CKA

Junior development

Senior development

New clubs to be targeted

Generating greater awareness of the sport

League Structure

The composition of the CKA committee and its working


The working party will report back to the CKA committee at a specified time with a report that will be discussed.  This report will contain primary and secondary objectives to be reached throughout the 10 years.


Once accepted by the committee the document will be circulated to all members of the Cambridgeshire Korfball community for discussion.


The Cambridgeshire Korfball community will then ratify the 10 Year Strategy Document at the next AGM or a convened EGM.


Proposal for Rule Changes


Voted to keep 3.21 and 3.22 the same.


League Fees


To remain unchanged  £35 for 1st team, and £20 for subsequent teams.




JAM thanked CKA on behalf of Cambridge Korfball


Liv asked about NL squad points.  Some NL squad players may only play in 2nd team matches which would which would not be allowed once they have got NL status.  It was decided that they would be allowed to play on an individual basis by permission being granted by the appeals committee.