Minutes of CKA committee meeting at the Golden Hind, Cambridge on Thursday, 20th June, 02



Mike Northfield, Lee, Dave B, Liz, Scott, Zareh, Ian, Christina, Rick, Nick, Liv



Andy, Dave S


Matters Arising


Zareh has not found First aid kit, he is doing it.

UK Fire is not sponsoring the CKA for last years EA Cup. Liz made Stingers Tournament not Liv.

Littleport money was paid on time


Chairs report

IBM has produced a consent form. It is to be kept by the Secretary. Need a place on the form for the players name, date of birth, phone and email address.

Also included report from the BKA AGM, see appendix for report.


Treasurers report

1029.81 in bank. Uni still owe 55 league fees, Newnham Croft still owe 35 and awards made 111.


Secretaries report

Position to be filled

However Ade (ex Sec) notified the CKA that the Public Liabilities Policy is due to be renewed. This has increased to 400, Lee to make enquires whether this is the best deal.


Results Officer report



Coaching Officer report

Beginner's course and advanced course are being organised for a Saturday at the end of July.

Fixtures Officer report

Scott suggested that we ensure playoffs happen within a fixed term.

See Next Year League item


Referring Officer report

Absent. Scott questioned when next reffing exam. Ian to find out. Uni had 4 people pass last exam.


Development Officer report

City sport course. To ask for 1 weeks grace to attract more people. Long Road 6th Form are having a Korfball week and hope to attract players. Liz to check with Netherhall about notice needed to cancel hall fees if City sport course has to be cancelled. Need to get 6 people along for course - suggest sending new players as would get additional coaching, Scott to ask Paul Bearpark whether Phoenix new players would turn up. Scott is coaching the adult course, require volunteer to coach junior course Rick to ask Simon; Dave to ask Sarah. Rick to find out how much we can pay our coaches.


Press and Publicity Officer report

CEN handouts passed out.


Junior Committee report

Tournament very successful.

Junior Training starts at the Perse in Sept 5.30-7pm.

Support has been dwindling from clubs for junior training sessions, can Club captains/chairs please check the helpers will turn up as required 2 people at least from each club. It would be appreciated that there is some feedback from helpers so that any problems can be sorted out. In addition coaches will be reminded to make helpers feel more involved.

The lottery grant has been awarded -approx. 4500. Chair expressed thanks to everyone who was involved in securing this grant.

National Youth day in on 7th July, adult helpers are required from clubs please.

Suggestions would be welcome for incentives to attract people to help out at junior training.


Cambridge tournament at Littleport

Lee needs some help. The ground is booked and 28 teams have indicated that they will come, 6 confirmed entries so far.


Require 8 adult pitches and 2 junior pitches


Ian and Rick will co-ordinate transfer of posts to Littleport


Dave D


Nick to provide

Spiked bases

Square and round. Ian to contact Philip from Norwich

PA, Notice board


Foghorn, Bin bags, Ref cards, Pens, Whistles

Dave to review.

First Aid]

Zareh to organise

Scorer on day

Lee to ask Reda and Mike Northfield

Money Collection

To be decided


Lions to organise. Lee to send out tickets to clubs.


Leisure centre to provide this


Lee to talk to Andy


Liz to email re junior tournament


At venue and permission obtained.


Rick to organise


Counties Tournament

60 paid to Andy for deposit.

Liv co-ordinating this. Remaining 110 to be paid at w.end.

Social will be at the Boatrace. Cost 200, tickets at 4 each. Ben Matthews to DJ. - Can we encourage Cambridge club members to come along.

Tim to provide tickets

Andy suggested raffle, Liv to ask Andy to sell them if possible.

Liz to pass on unwanted tuck shop items to Simon who will pass them onto Andy.

Lee Matthews and family to do BBQ will require a total of 4 volunteers from clubs for each day. Club captains/chairs to ask for volunteers.

Dave B possibly to help on desk.

BKA will provide posts etc.

Zareh will try to provide Red Cross cover.



No mention of NL, fees to remain unchanged.


Next Years League

All clubs will have at least 2 teams. Intention to start earlier, exception will be Uni.

Ian will liase with NKA re EA cup.

Dave to sort out 1st and 2nd leagues provisionally to start 2nd Week in Oct, 3rd league to be sorted out in Sept.


Summer League

Ian contacted Jam and Dave S about organising this. No response. Lee to ask Lia to organise summer fun korfball.


Subscription and mailing policy for Camkorf

To remain as it is and will be reviewed later in the year.



National Youth Day, 2003.

It was agreed that the CKA would host it.


Long Road require 2 posts and 2 balls for Monday-Friday (24th - 28th June) for week of Korfball, Lee to borrow these from Netherhall.


Rick brought 2 promotional videos for korfball, CKA to reimburse.


Date of next meeting

Monday, 8th July 2002, 7.30pm at the Pike and Eel.



CKA chairs report on BKA AGM (16th June, 2002, Nottingham University)


There were a number of items which were raised which may be of interest to us in Cambridge.


1. It is important that all clubs and associations have the right amount of referees qualified and registered with the BKA. It looks like fines will be soon issued.


2. It is the centennial year of Korfball next year.


3. All clubs are reminded that they have to have permission from the BKA to play in outside the UK (in most cases this will only be a formality).


4. Debbie Etheridge and Jackie ? from Kent are putting together a teachers pack.


5. Clubs are reminded to update addresses of members regularly and send them to the BKA as this is a requirement under the anti-doping regulations which govern us all.


6. The affiliation fees were set as 120 for club teams and 130 for National League teams.


7. A promotional video is available from the BKA treasurer (Sam ?) which costs 10 euros.


8. Peter Allan asked me whether Cambridge would host the National Youth Day next year. I said we would discuss it this week at our meeting and I would report back to him as soon as possible. Debbie E should be sending me information detailing what we have to do.


9. The cup competition is now open to all clubs, cost 15 per team. The idea is that club teams will play against each other in pools of 3 or 4 teams from varying areas with shorter matches and each pool being a round robin. The winners will go forward to the next round where the top 6 Premier clubs will enter.