Minutes of meeting held 17 June 2003


Present:  Ian Birch-Machin (Chair), Lee Matthews (Senior development officer), Rick Baldwin (Press and Publicity officer), Sam Whittaker (Secretary), Scott Christie (Coaching officer), Nick Armitage (Results Officer), Andy Rutter (Refereeing Officer), Zareh Langridge (Kites), Kevin White (Phoenix)


1.Apologies for absence were received by Liv Armitage, Dave Bate, Jam Trubridge and Liz Clark.

2.The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Lee to buy five hose reels of tape and one set of tapes.


3. Officers' Reports


Still no luck in contacting NKA about the EA Cup, despite leaving several messages.  Three options were identified for the time and location of this year's tournament (all keeping the same format as previous years, ie two pools of the four best teams from each city, two teams from each city in each pool):


i) The same format as last year.

ii) Pool matches between clubs from the same city to be played in advance of the inter-city matches and the play-off matches, all to take place on one day in Cambridge.

Iii) To play the entire tournament on one day.


It was agreed that option (iii) was the most preferable.  After discussion of the finer details it was proposed that the matches take place outdoors on two pitches.  Each pool match will last 30 minutes and each play-off match will last 40 minutes.

Sam to check the availability of the astro pitches at the Perse on Sundays in early September.



£2,627.99 in the bank.



Would officers remember to send a synopsis of any agenda item they would like raised, as agreed at a previous meeting.


Refereeing Officer

Would like more volunteers for referees for National Youth Day.

Andy to send an email requesting volunteers.


Fixtures Officer

Voting for the CKA awards evening is complete.


Results Officer

Nothing to report.


Coaching Officer 

Nothing to report.


Press and Publicity Officer

CitySport brochures to be distributed to the Dutch coaches in charge of club-school link.    Has contacted Cambridge Evening News about NYD.


Junior Team Leader

Nick reported on behalf of Liv.  Kites will not be organising Sport Fest.  Liz C and Liz J to organise juniors to fill the time.

Arrangements for NYD were reported and further help requested.


Senior Team Leader

Thanks to everyone involved in the Arbury festival where a demonstration of korfball was given.  Many leaflets were handed out.


4. 10-year plan

It was noted that the minutes of the meeting of the working group were intended as a starting point for discussion, rather than a formal, unchangeable document.  Changes to the document were proposed and agreed.  These amendments will be discussed at the next meeting, and the plan can then be circulated CKA-wide.  It will be adopted formally at the CKA AGM.

Sam to make amendments to the plan for the next meeting.

Sam to email club secretaries asking for numbers of registered players in each club.

Nick to count the number of active players using the results database.

Andy to draft invitation to potential NL players, with a view to running a team in the reserve division next season.


5. EA Cup

This matter was dealt with in agenda item 3.


6. Rule changes

Nick circulated two proposals to amend league rules concerning status (proposals attached).  After much discussion it was agreed that no decision could be made at the meeting.  Any interested parties were invited to construct their own proposal.  All proposals will be discussed at the next meeting and a decision will be made.


7.Junior issues

Lee expressed the opinion that too much pressure is put on junior players to play for Knights and not the team of their choice at summer tournaments.  He has invited certain members of Knights to play for a senior team at the CKA tournament, which he feels will give those players a chance to shine in front of GB squad management representatives.  Knights coaches were not happy with this.

Ian to act as a go-between, approaching both parties to reach a suitable compromise.

Sam to check the CKA insurance documents to see if juniors are covered to play in senior tournaments.

Lee to check with the BKA the age restrictions for juniors playing in summer tournaments.


8. Any Other Business

The BKA AGM is to be held on 28 June.

Ian to attend and represent the CKA.

No plans have been made for any summer league.

Liv to identify posts in schools not currently being used.

Scott to contact Frank Sieber to arrange the collection of pitch tapes for NYD.


The next meeting will be held on 31 July, 7.30pm at the Pike and Eel.