CKA Meeting Minutes

27th May 2004


Present: Mike Northfield, Howard Laffling, Scott Christie, Rick Baldwin, Nick Armitage, Lee Matthews, Alex Beavan, Steve Moratti, Ian Birch-Machin, Zareh Langridge


Apologies: Kevin


Minutes of last meeting approved.


Actions arising from last meeting

Knights haven’t set up a bank account yet. Mike doesn’t want to be treasurer for both Knights and the CKA. Knights will set up a bank account so they can apply for money from the BKA. Knights need to find a treasurer and the accounts will then be split. Knights require authorisation from the CKA before they can draw more than their nominal account balance from the CKA account.


Scott has set up a referees email list.


Howard has informed Mike of what happened with the Uni no show for the match on 11th March and the exact hall costs.


Chair’s report

I have provisionally booked the sports field at the back of Netherhall where
Kites train over the summer for the CKA tournament.  It has been booked for
Saturday 7th August (9.30am-4.30pm) at a cost of £75.


Secretary post still vacant.


Treasurer’s report, Mike

Account Balance (at 29.4.2004): £2,355.00


    CKA             £2,090.64

    Knights             £264.36


Payments since 29.4.2004



£415.00            Knights Training Fees

£153.00            Uni League Fess and Fines

£302.00                Junior Tournament Team Entry Fess (23.4.2004)

£150.79                Junior Tournament Proceeds (Shooting Competition/Catering)



£136.50                Perse School (Knights Hire Fees - April 2004)

£ 78.00                 Phoenix (Missed Matches Fees)

£115.25                Junior Tournament Expenses (Catering)

£    7.96                Junior Tournament Expenses (Prizes)


Account Balance: £3,038.08

    CKA                £2,495.22

    Knights                £   542.86


Press and Publicity Officer’s report, Rick

There should be a report/photo in the CENews this week from the Junior Tournament.


Fixtures Officer’s report, Howard

Fixtures all played. No more fixtures until next season.


Results Officer’s report, Nick

Phoenix 2 beat Phoenix 3 in the Plate final. Tigers 2 beat Phoenix 2 in the Division 1/Division 2 promotion/relegation play-off. Lions 2 beat Uni 2 in the Division 2/Division 3 promotion/relegation play-off. Season now finished.


Refereeing Officer’s report

Andy emailed information about yellow cards after last meeting. Andy asked to find out if the BKA procedures apply to the CKA league.


1. Cambridge Summer Tournament (Ian, Howard)

The provisional booking should be extended to 9.30 a.m.– 5.30 p.m. Ian will give Mike the booking form and Mike will finalise the booking.


Lee to get the tournament date in the BKA diary.


Howard to email Steve Barker to get the tournament date on the AFM website.


Ian to email other clubs about the tournament date. Anyone else with contacts in other clubs to let them know the tournament date.


Lee to see if the person who did the leaflets last year can produce some for this year. Leaflets need to be taken to tournaments attended by Cambridge clubs before the Cambridge Summer Tournament and distributed to other clubs.


Entry fee will be £30 a team.


Ian to ask Phil Buttinger for pitch tapes and to try and get these before the tournament date, maybe at the proposed Cambridge/Norwich meeting to discuss ideas for an East Anglian league.


Scott to look into options for a social event after the tournament.


2. League feedback survey results (Howard)

52 survey responses so far.


Number of games : less 0 , same 23, more 29

Frequency of games : less 2, same 23, more 27

            more than weekly 6, weekly 32, 2 weeks 14, 3 weeks 0, 4 weeks 0

Length of season : shorter 1, same 14, longer 37

Start of season : earlier 24, same 27, later 1

End of season : earlier 0, same 20, later 32

32 people said they’d like to play summer games midweek.


The answers from each individual about the number and frequency of games still needs to be related to what happened to each individual this season.


The initial conclusions are :-

Same number or more games next season

Games once a week for players

Longer season

Same or earlier start to season

Later end to season

Sufficient people say they want to play games midweek for something to be organised


Next stage is to come up with proposals that meet these requirements for discussion at the next meeting.


Howard will look at organising an experimental midweek event to see if people will attend and play.


3. Sportsfest (Rick)

A City Council day of sport for juniors. Sunday 27th June at Chesterton (not Netherhall as stated in previous meetings minutes). Volunteers will be needed to help out.


4. City sport course (Rick)

Seniors course has finished. 10-12 people attended. City distributed information about all of the Cambridge clubs during the course.


5. AOB

Nick : Jalanie played for Phoenix in lastnight’s play-off match against Tigers.

Scott to amend the rules :-

If a player joins a club who has played korfball before then the club must resubmit their squad list to the CKA for approval and inform the CKA of who the player is. The squad list may be unchanged. The squad list must be approved before the player can play for the club, even if it is unchanged.

A player must have previously played for the club in a league match during the season to be able to play in a league play-off match for that club.

Squad lists must be resubmitted for CKA approval before the second half of the season.

The CKA must be given least 7 days to approve a squad list. If a club plays without an approved squad list then all of their games are forfeit until it is approved i.e. 7 days after it is submitted.


6. Date and time of next meeting

Thursday 1st July 7.45 at the Pike and Eel