Minutes of CKA committee meeting Monday 17th November 2003 at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton, Cambridge



Nick, Scott, Liv, Howard, Zareh, Mike, Rick, Lee.



Andy, Kevin, Jo


Chairman            Nothing to report

Secretary            N.A.

Treasurer          Issued information about Knights and CKA accounts, accounting now separate although still in same account.

CKA funds £1734.53

Knights £786.28

Results             OK.  Scorecards are not always filled in properly .1/2 time results are not always noted. Could they be a bit more legible.  Substitutions are not always noted down properly.


JD                    Things are going well in Ely and Wichford.  Lions running junior team on Sat. nights.  Schools league in New Year to feed into National Schools Comp.  Provincial League- problems with fixtures (UII, U13).  People attending JD meetings.  Every club should have a rep.  Could clubs redouble their efforts to get people along


CPO                Two consent forms filled in for two 14 year olds who can now play for Knight seniors.  All those who train with children need to fill in a form.  Liv to organise.  Regular volunteers only need to fill in the form.


Refeering            3 Tigers, 1 Phoenix player passed the exam.


Coaching            Nothing to report.


Development            Nothing to report.


Fixtures            Howard sought approval for the seeding for the top teams in the CKA Cup/Plate competition.


Some slots need to be filled.  Lee will sort out the remaining Lions slots.


P & P               CEN reported on EA Cup.  Lia appeared in the CEN.  Fixtures and results are being printed but reports do not seem to be.  Juniors stuff is not reported.  Tigers appeared on the front of Korfball Magazine plus there was a report on NYD.  CitySport dates have been put in.




U2 v L3 ref P3.

Game was cancelled but no one told the ref.  He has been compensated but we need to avoid this.  Also as the rules stand, there is nothing to say that the ref should be compensated.


Voted – The team cancelling a fixture must inform the Fixtures Officer and if the referee is not informed then the team that cancelled the fixture must pay the referees fee.


EA League

Phoenix and City felt that they could not commit to weekend matches.  Lions are for it.  Lee felt that I would benefit everybody because we would play other clubs and it would raise the standard of Cambridge clubs.  Ian reported that Norwich clubs were struggling for players and this League may help them.  Norwich clubs are for the League.  Ian will wait for comments from Kites and Tigers, Liv asked for details of the structure to be written down.  Ian will talk to Norwich about this.


NL Side Development points issue.

Liv will put together a proposal but Liv doubts that people will play for one club.  No one appears to want a radical shake up of the way NL is organised.  Most people seem to want to play in the local leagues as well.  Liv also wondered why she seemed to be the spokesperson for the NL Team.  It should be the NL team Manager.  Would it be possible for us to put a reserve team in?



Nick – Squad lists. 

In Tigers Sam is to be replaced by Billie + other changes.  These changes will appear on the web site but it will be effective from 12/11/03.



Felt that he couldn’t do much as SDO because of other commitments. If there is anyone who felt they could do the job then he will stand down.  Lions will still send a rep to meetings.


Date of next meeting


8th January 2004 7.45pm at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton.