Minutes of CKA committee meeting at the Pike and Eel, Cambridge, Thursday, 10th October, 2002



Rick, Ian, Scott, Dave B, Lee, Sam, Jam, Steve, Ian Peacock, Carl, Christina, Liz, Andy, Liv, Tamsin, Clem.





Matters Arising

Dave Wigley and Sally were not at the last meeting



Lia has thanked the CKA for the gift of £150 in aid of her expenses in travelling to her International Korfball commitments.



£1753.19 in bank.  SKA have asked for £50 for Inter Area Hall costs.  Agreed to pay.



Liz will email clubs and committee for contact details to collate a new form.



Not present



Waiting to hear form BKA re coaching course for experienced players



Fixture list being developed – clubs need to check and let Dave B know.  List is now on web site.



Andy will email with a time and date for reffing exams.  Jam has asked whether we have practical courses.  Clubs to contact Andy if they need more.



Meeting at Pike and Eel on Thursday, 17th October, 8pm for all club development officers.



Citysport brochure out.  Junior and Senior courses are advertised.  Press releases handed out.




Liz organised mini tournament, lots of helpers and from teams.  Raised £100.

Liv involved in hosting the Youth Cup U9 BKA fixture that will take place before January.

Curriculum extension day at Comberton 17th/18th October.  Lee and Sijbren are leading a day each and need helpers.  Working with Year 7.  Can anyone help, eg. Uni?


EA cup

Discussion of EA cup.  Apologies to Tigers and Kites for not having presentation.  Questioned why Norwich City doesn’t enter their first team.  Also felt that it was a shame so many matches were cancelled and teams were not complete (especially final).  Need to liase with Norwich to gauge their opinions.  Ian to do this.



Scott brought up point of status of players at the beginning of the season.  Lots of discussion agreed to leave the arrangements as last year following a vote (1 vote for changing, 3 votes against).


Scott would like things to go on web site, eg tournament debrief, junior info, any old documents.  Also can we let Scott know what the committee officers want to have on the web site as regards to contact details.


Closing date for 3rd Division Friday, 18th October.


Ian Peacock, Chair of Lions introduced himself.


Date and time of next meeting

Thursday, 14th Nov, 7.45pm Start.  Pike and Eel.