Minutes of CKA committee meeting at the Boot, Histon, Cambridgshire, Thursday, 5th September



Sam, Jam, Nick, Liv, Dave B, Ian, Dave W, Liz, Sally, Lee, Andy, Rick





Matters Arising



Reffing Exam


This will be arranged soon. People who have passed the Avon Tyrell exam will need to take the CKA exam.


Sponsorship of Lia Matthews


Agreed to sponsor Lia 150 towards the cost of her trip to represent the Uk U21 team in Portugal


EA cup


30 match fee set. An up to date schedule will be soon available. Need to be a review about the future and format of the EA cup after the final has been played.


Length of local leagues


U15s are playing in Div 3 with consent form from parents.

No ref will be required from Cambridge Knights.

City may have to with draw City 2 in div 2. Clarification of intent will be notified as soon as possible. Discussion of implications will be discussed via email.

3rd Division closing date for teams 14th October.




Development cup 2003. This will take place but format will be determined later on in season.


Press cuttings circulated.


Date of next meeting


Thursday 10th October, 8pm at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton.