CKA EGM Minutes

Thursday 3rd September 2015, 8pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Fiona Hill)

Treasurer (Phil Morton)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves)

Results (Mark Wassell)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham)

CPO (Angela Gibbs )


City Rep(s) [Gavin Belsham]

Lions Rep(s) [Laura Neaves]

Phoenix Rep(s) [(Howard Laffling), Fiona Hill, Mark Wassell,

Simon Hall, Hannah Ward]

Tigers Rep(s) [Liv Harcourt , Steve Clarke]

University Rep(s) [(Apologies for absence)]

Vikings Rep(s) [Phil Morton, Chris Brown]

1. PROPOSED CKL RULES CHANGE Player status is calculated over the last{6 SERL and }5 1st and 2nd team matches, excluding matches which do not take place (e.g. walkovers due to late or non-attendance) and matches which are abandoned and the score doesn't stand. This may mean some matches are included in more than one status period.
{ If the player starts 4 or more SERL matches then that player will have SERL status. SERL status has the same effect as 1st team status. A player may have SERL status in addition to 1st team or 2nd team status. SERL status takes precedence over 1st team and 2nd team statuses.}

SERL status will have the same effect as 1st team status, so amend existing 4.1.3 table heading:
Number of
{'SERL' or} 1st team players allowed on the pitch at the same time
{added text}

The proposed rule was approved and it was agreed SERL status would be calculated retrospectively and take effect immediately at the start of the 2015/16 season.