CKA Committee Minutes

Sunday 9st November 2008, 8 pm, The Rock





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Sara Neaves)

Junior Development (Vacant)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Lee Matthews)

Publicity (Tracey Cooper)

CPO (Janine Collier)


City Rep [ ]

Phoenix Rep [Jayne Muir]

Lions Rep [Andrew Sills, Laura Neaves]

Tigers Rep [Reda Ibn-Tahaikt]

University Rep [Laurie Handcock]

Vikings Rep [Martin Brown]


Andy to email referees about safety responsibilities - done

Andy to arrange a refereeing practical course.

It was decided that a date for the EA Shield couldn't be found this season. A date of Saturday 19th September was set for next season. Sara to email the NKA.

Sara to set senior development committee and set a date for an initial open meeting.

All clubs to try and find a volunteer junior development officer and secretary.

Lee, Phoenix and Lions to arrange practical assessments for the recent Level 1 course - done.

Howard to ask if teacher if she has approached the NKA for help - NKA are awaiting a grant decision, but can't help at present.




All clubs


Amy Lucas (Lions), Jasmine Radford (Vikings), and Paul Kim (Tigers) were approved to play in the CKA League by email.

Sara Neaves has transferred from City(NL) to Lions.

It was agreed by email to buy 2 used posts from Phoenix for £100 total.

I sent a grant application to the EKA for £1000 for a level 2 coaching course in Cambridgeshire run over a number of weekends. It was largely based upon Laura Neaves's suggestion - thanks. I had an email from Dom, the EKA Development Officer with questions about our application that I've answered.

The City 1 vs Phoenix 1 match was abandoned by the referee on safety grounds. The league sub-committee's decision is that the match should be rearranged. It was agreed that the CKA should pay the referee the refereeing fee.

I have asked the Heather, the teacher at the Bury school, to look into possible hall time for a new club, as it's a venue of suitable size where we already have 4 posts.



Accounts attached. Nothing to report.


Season seems to have started well. There have some challenges over refs on Sunday afternoons as half the teams in the league are playing their own games on late Sunday's. This is very difficult to avoid with the current choices over start-times, so clubs should look to have as many refs as possible, and not just in one of their teams (

I am aware of two or three probs with fixtures in January. E.g I have V4 playing two games on one day and there's now an MRL clash with a game. I would like to make all these changes in one go, and will circulate them shortly.

Otherwise, everything seems to have gone smoothly. Comments and feedback always welcome.


The new season has started and the new website for the scorecards has been a great success (especially the addition of the player names to all the combos).

This has resulted in a lot less work for me processing the scorecards and a large saving in postage costs for the CKA.

All results so far have been received.

It’s worth noting that Phoenix 4 and Littleport 4 are both designated “development” teams in Division 3 and as such, their results will be scrapped.


I am looking at setting a date towards the end of November for the sub-committee to meet regarding the Newmarket club, I am in the process of contacting sports centres to see what hall time is available and then I will email around a date for us to all meet up and arrange the other things that need to be done.


4 posts were delivered to the school at Bury - thanks Lee.

The EKA EXCO have selected Cambridgeshire to host National Youth Day in 2009. Liv Armitage has volunteered to organise.

Frank Sieber, BKA Youth Competitions Co-Ordinator, has asked if we would like to host a junior inter-area competition.

He has also asked if we would like to host the National Championships for U11 or U13s this year.

I asked for clarification on what the competition requirements were e.g. indoor or outdoor, number of pitches etc. I am still awaiting a response.

It was felt the CKA would prefer to hold the U11 or U13 National Championships over a junior inter-area competition. We need to know what the venue requirements are before we can make a final decision. Howard to email dates to the CKA.



Kevin Fox Lions has now been practically assessed and is OK to ref CKA matches

Sophie Uni has been practically assessed and will be assessed again in a CKA match in a couple of weeks time.

I have a long list of people wishing to be assessed...the first time in my living memory. Elgon Uni is in the process of being assessed.

I am waiting on Lions re another date to assess more of their candidates.

I have contacted the EKA regarding a practical course, but to date have had no response.


All the Level 1 Coaching assessments have now been completed and 16 of the 19 that attended the course have passed.

I will start to make enquiries re hall time for another course in the new year, should there be enough interest. I am also looking to put together a Coaches seminar based on my knowledge and experience from attending the World Games coaching schools in the Czech Republic and Holland.



CKA CP database has been distributed following my audits of all CKA Clubs.

Nikki Lloyd has now resigned as BKA CPO. The BKA is no longer a registered for the purposes of processing CRB checks, so all those I have - signed off to date have still not been able to be processed. Personally, I don't think they should be running any Junior activities at all, or endorsing the same until a CPO is in place and there is provision for CRB checking volunteers, but the BKA doesn't seem to care about either. Usual Governing Body incompetence, so no surprise there.


Open senior development committee initial meeting still to be set up.

Junior Development Officer post needs to be filled. Howard to email job description and junior section of Area Development Plan to CKA. It was suggested that a junior development meeting may be a way forward, to which clubs would be invited. Howard to organise.

Grant for level 2 coaching course applied for.




Date to next meeting to be in January. Date to determined after looking at fixtures. Sundays are best if there are no matches.


Lee has a quote for 3 shields, 18”-20”, including engraving, of £210. This was approved.