CKA Committee Minutes

Thursday 26th November 2009, 8 pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Andy Dunlop)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Liv Armitage)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Rachel Watts)


City Rep [John Rouncefield]

Phoenix Rep []

Lions Rep [Andrew Sills]

Tigers Rep [Chris West]

University Rep [Laura Soul]

Vikings Rep [Martin Brown]


Andy R to arrange a practical refereeing course – Graham Crafter will run a post qualification session. Dependent on the availability of Graham Crafter. Now aiming for late January.

All clubs to try and find a volunteer secretary, publicity and senior development officers.

Nick to modify web scorecard to prompt the referee to email Andy R if a referee gives a very low rating -done.

Howard to email the teacher, Heather Lymburn, at the school at Bury to see if the CKA's posts are still in use – done.

Andy R to send email about referee assessment at the EA Shield – no assessor available.

Howard to email Phil Buttinger about CKA clubs favouring Multi-Game Venues (MGVs) for the SERL division 2 - done.

Andy R

All clubs


These junior players :
Kyren Fisher (Lions)
George Powell (Vikings)
Brittany Capps (Vikings)
Kathleen Hedges (Vikings)
Lydia McGinley (Vikings)
Anna Merrel (Vikings)
Daniel Stanford (Vikings)
Bayley Wooldridge (City)
Lauren Doy (Lions)
Sophie Wright (Lions)
Chris Gardner (Tigers)
Charlotte O'Sullivan (Tigers)
Kay Hubbard (Tigers)
Gwen Clark (Tigers)
were all approved to play in the CKL

Status report from Heather Lymburn at the school at Bury :
'Once again many thanks for the posts from the CKA. They have been very useful. I started a Korfball club at my school as I was regularly retaining about 16members each week with new players coming along. We also used the posts for core PE lessons and did some Korfball in Sport Education when teaching Modified games and promoting new sports. This year, Korfball has been offered as an option to Year 10 for their PE lessons and there and has been a good level of interest.

Unfortunately last year due to my selection for the Great Britain team, we were unable to play any fixtures as I was busy most weekends with training in Milton Keynes, and I was away in Taiwan for the youth games. This was a shame. We are due to start Korfball club after the half term in which we have already held a sports fair and had about 20year 9's sign up. Here we will hope to retain some of the members from last year and have about 30 members attending Korfball club. Our school does a lot of extra curricular activities so Korfball has a lot to compete with, but I hope this year as more people know about it and my involvement with Great Britain I am hoping for a sustained uptake.'



Accounts attached. CKA Fees will be invoiced in the next week.


Nothing to report.


There have been a few delays in receiving scorecards and the usual incorrect entries of peoples names…., but everything is pretty much up to date.



A new CKA Junior League has been started. The teams in the junior league this season are Tigers, Vikings and Milton Road school, with Lions and Willingham school possibly joining later in the season. City have said they don't want to be in the league this season, but they can also join later in the season if their situation changes.

I have been trying to arrange inter-area competitions for various age groups with Milton Keynes and Norfolk. Although both areas initially sounded interested, MK have limited numbers and availability, while Norfolk said they would discuss the idea but don't appear to have done so.

Vikings are planning to host three junior indoor one-day tournaments in January and February,for U9s, U11s and U13s. Provisional details: U9s -Sun Jan 24th. U13s -Sun Feb 7th. U11s - Sun Feb 28th. Times 12-5pm. Ely College Sports Hall. Cost of entry, £25 per team. All details to be confirmed.


Gary Cole (Phoenix) and Chris West (Tigers) are approved for refereeing in CKL

Need to check Nick Buttinger's (Uni) refereeing qualifications.

If any referee wants to be assessed by the EKA then please contact Andy R with 3-4 weeks notice. This could be done at SERL division 2 matches, refereeing 2 matches with a gap in between for feedback.

Andy R


Nothing to report.



Nothing to report.



- junior development sub-committee – no meeting since August.
- junior league – started.
- involve parents – Vikings parents sent on Living Sport volunteer courses and covered safeguarding children. This has encouraged them to become more involved in korfball. A meeting of Vikings parents was held. This had a good turnout of 12-15 people.


- actively work to create new clubs – Finding volunteers to help start this is an issue.
- expand the geographic base of the CKA – new club needs to be in a new area.
- coaching courses – not significant demand at present to run another course.

- refereeing courses – trying to arrange.

2 CRB checks

CRB checks still not available via the EKA. Clubs could ask to see CRB checks from other sources e.g work, other sports clubs. It is possible to get CRB checks through umbrella bodies, but there are costs involved. The whole CRB check system will be changing in the near future.


The CKL has never used BKA registration cards. It was decided that there is no need to introduce the use of 'Pitchside Lists'. Players should be registered, as is currently the case, using the new EKA registration system.


4.1 Team Composition

4.1.1 All players should be registered with the BKA as soon as possible after starting to play in the Cambridge Indoor Korfball League.'


A reminder of the CKL rules :

'5.4 Safety
5.4.1 All teams must have access to a first aid kit for their home matches.'

Some venues provide first aid. If the venue does not provide first aid the home team must provide a first aid kit including ice packs.


January, TBD.


Pitch markings – ideally all venues should have pitch markings. Littleport now has markings. St Bedes needs markings. Floor tape is available to put down markings – contact Andy R or Howard.

Refereeing – concerns raised over refereeing standards at some matches. This issue has been covered previously. Any comments with regard to refereeing should be sent to Andy R (CKA Refereeing Officer). It was suggested that teams could score referees as happens at NL level. Whilst this would be useful it would be difficult to implement as it's the referee that enters the scorecard information. In order that feedback is structured it was agreed that any feedback will use the NL form. Andy R to email form to Howard to be put on the CKA website. Any feedback on refereeing should use this form. Any referee who would like some coaching and assistance with improving their refereeing should contact Andy R (CKA Refereeing Officer). This offer has been made previously but there have not been any requests.

Andy R