CKA Committee Minutes

Thursday 13th May 2010, 8 pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Andy Dunlop)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Liv Armitage)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Rachel Watts)


City Rep [John Rouncefield, Simon McGregor]

Phoenix Rep [Jayne Muir, Gary Cole, Rhian Reynolds]

Lions Rep [Laura Neaves]

Tigers Rep []

University Rep []

Vikings Rep []


All clubs to try and find a volunteer secretary, publicity and senior development officers.

Andy R to arrange a practical refereeing course – Graham Crafter will run a post qualification session. Dependent on the availability of Graham Crafter. Now aiming for September.

Liv to send email to see if there's demand for a level 1 coaching course

Andy D to talk to Adam and Nick A about getting junior league fixtures and results on CKA website.

[omitted from agenda, but in last meeting's minutes] New club being started in Spalding, but not by the CKA, close to Cambridgeshire. Howard to send email about how we might work together.

All clubs

Andy R


Andy D



The CKA committee approved a grant of £60 (50%) towards the entry fee for the CKA Inter-area team in the Home Nations competition.



Accounts attached. Fine due for missed Vikings referee commitment, which Tigers agreed to cover. City, the home team, have agreed to waive reimbursement of the hall costs. Vikings to be fined £10 by the CKA. TIgers have agreed to reimburse Vikings for the fine.


All seasons fixtures should have been completed by time of meeting. Season gone relatively smoothly. Play-offs arranged. Liaising with Andy R to sort out refs.




Junior League Review. The junior league was meant to have been completed by now, however only 2 matches have been played. As it stands, Milton Road are top on goal difference.

CKA U16 team. Recently I invited players to join the CKA U16 team for games in Norwich. In the end only Vikings players were available, so it became a Vikings U16 team instead. We lost to Norwich City but beat Norwich Dragons.

National Youth Day. National Youth Day will be held on Sunday July 4th, in West Wickham, Kent. Could CKA Clubs please let me know how many teams and which age groups they plan to enter? Clubs with only a few players may wish to join with another club for the day. We will be looking to hire a bus to take players down. Again, please let me know if you would like to be included in the bus, and approximately how many seats you think you will require.

(Adam) For CKA U19 competition the plan is to take the squad to a good standard tournament.


Nothing to report.




Nothing to report.



- junior development sub-committee – no meeting since August.
- junior league – started, but not completed – see above.

- organise Cambridgeshire junior teams – U19 and U16 team managers appointed. U13 and U9 there are sufficient players in clubs and so clubs have participated in competitions with other areas.
- improve junior section of CKA website – Junior's blog created.


- actively work to create new clubs – Finding hall time and volunteers to help start this is an issue.
- expand the geographic base of the CKA – new club needs to be in a new area.
- coaching courses – Vikings have 8 people for a Level 1 course.

- refereeing courses – trying to arrange, see above.

2 SERL 2010/11

Division 1 – neutral about home and away vs multi-game venues.

Division 2 – prefer multi-game venues i.e. 3 way fixtures involving 3 teams in 3 matches at the same venue.

Number of fixtures was about right. The fixtures should be more evenly spread – the withdrawal of a team from the SERL division 2 made the fixtures less evenly spread.

The communication of referee assignments (Division 1) to referees could be improved.

There should be a set of written league rules.

League matters that may arise during the season need to be resolved promptly. A small 'league sub-committee' e.g. the chairs of the 4 areas could do this.

Support for the introduction of the shot clock in principle, although equipment cost may be an issue. Suggest seeing how HSKL trial goes and introduce for Division 1 in 2011/12.


AGM, Thursday 15th July, venue TBD, probably the Boot Inn, Histon.


Trophies : City 3 have Division 3 shield. Where are Division 1 (Tigers ?) and Division 2 (Vikings ?) shields ? Tigers to pass Division 1 shield to City. Vikings to make sure they have the Division 2 shield.

Tigers, Vikings.