CKA Committee Minutes

Thursday 11th November 2010, 8 pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Vacant)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Liv Armitage)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Rachel Watts)


City Rep [Simon McGregor]

Phoenix Rep [Adrian Dobbyne, Gary Cole]

Lions Rep []

Tigers Rep [Chris West]

University Rep [Sophie Harley-Mckeown]

Vikings Rep [Martin Brown, Hannah Brown]


All clubs to try and find a volunteer secretary, publicity, junior and senior development officers.

Andy R to arrange a refereeing course – done.

Nick A to look at referee's rating of teams statistics to see if behaviour is getting better - still to do.

City, Tigers, Vikings (clubs with junior sections) to organise junior tournament days in rotation with adhoc teams if necessary – Vikings hosted a tournament attended by Tigers, City and Milton Road. City or Tigers turn to host next.

All clubs : Uni would like volunteers to help coach their second team - Adrian and Howard helping out.

currently working with Peter Allan to try and set up a level 1 coaching course in Cambridge.

All clubs

City, Tigers


ADP sent to EKA. It was incomplete as some clubs failed to respond in time or at all.

I emailed Heather Lymburn at the Bury school, who we've lent equipment to asking for a brief report. I received this reply :

'I am indeed at the same school and we are currently offering Korfball in the curriculum at all years. The year 9's who have 3 PE lessons during the week will do a block of 7 weeks of Korfball. The year 10 and 11 pupils, who opt for an outwitting opponents unit, will cover Korfball for 8 lessons. Those year 10/11 pupils who opt for a mix of outwitting opponents and aesthetic activities, may get offered Korfball depending on the group.

Last year, GCSE Korfball was also offered and the Korfball have about 12 members. The club is currently not running and will start up after half term after some groups have done Korfball in PE which will generate interest.'

These junior players :

Robyn Seabright (Vikings)

Zoe Symonds (Vikings)

Eleanor Johnson (Vikings)

Joseph McLeish (Vikings)

Ben Hancock (Vikings)

Lydia Farrer (City)

Agnes Taylor (City)

Ben Woodbine (Lions)

Laurie Fabian (Tigers)

Tom Kim (Tigers)

Ellen McHarg (Tigers)

were approved by email to play in the CKL, subject to correct completion of the appropriate forms. Can whichever officers sign the forms on behalf of the CKA, please check the forms are the new style form that explicitly mentions photos and video, that they are complete, and that the date of birth is such that the player is over 13. Ideally each officer signing should be from a different club to the player.


(chair) Completed contacts template spreadsheet received from all clubs, compiled and sent out to all clubs.


Accounts attached.


Fixtures seem to be fine. Two games (P3 vs P4 and L1 vs V4) recently moved.


All results this season are currently in although I do need to process 10 results which I'll try to do tonight or tomorrow night in time for the meeting.

Phoenix SERL scores have not been submitted this season which means they won't have any goalscorers on the CKA pages but that won't affect the CKA league tables in any way, so its entirely up to Phoenix to do this.

(Gary) Some of the Phoenix SERL games have been submitted, but not all. Others will be sent but Phoenix are aware they won't appear unless we submit the results.



(chair) CKA 'U17' teams played friendlies against 2 Dutch teams. There's a report and photos on the CKA website. Thanks to Adam, Chris and Martin for organising.

(fixtures) The CKA friendly vs the Dutch was very successful. Players very positive. Good result and the people who helped/watched felt we should be doing a lot more things like this.

Vikings made a slight loss of £18, which Vikings would like CKA could reimburse if there's any junior competitions budget left at the end of the season.


Level 2 course ran.


Currently working with Peter Allan to try and set up a level 1 coaching course in Cambridge in January.

It was requested that the course be open to and publicised to people outside of korfball.






- need to find and appoint junior development officer – all clubs.

- organise tournament days with adhoc teams if necessary. Clubs with junior sections to do this in rotation. Vikings hosted a tournament attended by Tigers, City and Milton Road. City or Tigers turn to host next.

- junior development sub-committee – no meeting since August 2009.
- junior league – 2009/10started, but not completed. Not running in 2010/11.

- organise Cambridgeshire junior teams – entered junior inter-area teams : U9, 3 off U11 and U14
- improve junior section of CKA website – report and photos from Dutch friendly put on web site. Please can someone take some photos at the junior inter-area and write a report.


- need to find and appoint senior development officer – all clubs.

- actively work to create new clubs – Finding hall time and volunteers to help start this is an issue. Starting a club is difficult so it's vital that clubs don't fold. Lions could do with help with recruitment. Please can all clubs help out with this. Some suggestions :
* could an Ely/Littleport 'City Sport' course be run – find partner council to help publicise.

* recruitment by word of mouth is successful – every member of every club please see if you know of anyone, perhaps who you work with, who lives in the Ely/Littleport area who might be interested in taking up korfball with Lions.

* consider recruiting from a wider area, perhaps north of Littleport and Ely.
- expand the geographic base of the CKA – new club needs to be in a new area.
- coaching courses – Level 1 course organisation in progress.

- refereeing theory tests, assessment and courses – level 2 course ran. Need to ensure there's plenty of referees to free up existing volunteers to do other more critical development activites, so need more theory tests and assessments.

All clubs

City, Tigers

junior inter-area attendees

All clubs

All clubs


Phoenix would like to a competition t give more matches to players in lower teams.

Vikings would be interested if the matches finish before 8 pm. Weekend matches are preferred.

Uni would be interested, but matches need to be during term time.

City and Tigers need to consult to determine interest.

Lions not present, but need their view.

City, Tigers, Lions


The IKF announced a new ball on the 28th September 2010 (

The EKA's policy is : 'clubs are not able to use the NEW IKF Ball this season, because it wasn't approved by the IKF ball before the 1st September 2010. The EKA Exco will review this decision for the 2011/12 season.' ' This statement applies to all EK Competitions (HSKL, CT, HNC, IA, EKA Cup), but currently we have no control over regional and local leagues.'

The ball will not be allowed in the 2010/11 CKL.

The CKA are not in favour of the ball being allowed in the 2010/11 SERL.


At present there's no refereeing fee or minimum qualification specified for SERL Division 2. It's envisaged that referees will come from neutral teams at a triangular fixture or from the home area. The position at present is that the team or home area decide what to pay the referee. For the CKA referees the CKL refereeing fee (£7.50) and requirements (CKA approved) would seem to be a sensible starting point.

The CKA recommends that SERL CKA referees should be at least level Q.

The CKA agreed that the SERL Division 2 CKA refereeing fee is a £10 flat rate. Next season the CKA will look to match the SERL Division 1 refereeing fees for SERL Division 2.


January, date, time and venue TBD.


It's requested that referee's fees be paid in cash rather than by cheque.