CKA Committee Minutes

Wednesday 2nd February 2011, 7 pm, The Rock, Cherry Hinton Road





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Vacant)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Liv Armitage)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Rachel Watts)


City Rep [Simon McGregor, Andy Lynch]

Phoenix Rep [Adrian Dobbyne]

Lions Rep [Laura Neaves]

Tigers Rep [Chris West]

University Rep []

Vikings Rep []


All clubs to try and find a volunteer secretary, publicity, junior and senior development officers.

Nick A to look at referee's rating of teams statistics to see if behaviour is getting better – done, see below.

City, Tigers, Vikings (clubs with junior sections) to organise junior tournament days in rotation with adhoc teams if necessary – Vikings hosted a tournament attended by Tigers, City and Milton Road. City or Tigers turn to host next.

Liv to organise level 1 coaching course. It was requested that the course be open to and publicised to people outside of korfball. See coaching report below.

Junior inter-area attendees to take some photos at the junior inter-area and write a report for CKA website – Liv and Julie Allen.

All clubs to help Lions with recruitment. Recruitment by word of mouth is successful – every member of every club please see if you know of anyone, perhaps who you work with, who lives in the Ely/Littleport area who might be interested in taking up korfball with Lions.

All clubs

City, Tigers


Liv, Julie Allen

All clubs


CKA's view of Anglian League communicated to EKA - we support the current SERL consisting of the CKA, KKA, NKA and SMKA and are opposed to an Anglian regional league consisting of the CKA, NKA and SMKA.

Liv would like to stand down as coaching officer and take up the position of Junior Development Officer – approved.



Latest accounts attached.

CKA fee invoices issued.

SERL 1 2009/2010 refunds issued.


Craig keeps pestering me to upload all the CKA fixtures to the EKA site. I probably need to spend a few hours to automate it out of my fixtures spreadsheet so we can do it in the future. But I'd be interested to know how valuable people from the CKA see it to having our results on the EKA website. We are I think the only area that doesn't currently.

Committee's view is that it's a nice to have, but not a priority.


I've prepared some refereeing rating statistics from the past 3 seasons:


2010-11 7-25 45% 7-24 43%

6-18 32% 6-20 36%

5-7 13% 5-11 20%

4-3 5% 4-1 1%

3-3 5% 3-0 0%

2009-10 7-51 36% 7-46 32%

6-56 39% 6-66 46%

5-23 16% 5-19 14%

4-9 7% 4-7 5%

3-2 1% 3-5 3%

2-2 1% 2-0 0%

2008-09 7-47 60% 7-46 59%

6-24 31% 6-23 30%

5-5 6% 5-5 7%

4-2 3% 4-1 1%

3-0 0% 3-0 0%

2-0 0% 2-2 2%

1-0 0% 1-1 1%

From these numbers, you can deduce the following (amongst other things):

* Following the introduction of the system in 2008-09, where there was a large number of 7's, this fell last year but so far this year has picked up

* Scores of 1 and 2 have been eradicated so far this season

* Scores of (6 OR 7) are fairly similar to what was seen Home and Away last season Home 77%v75%, Away 79%v78%



(coaching) Junior inter areas - we are taking nearly 50 children from the Cambridge area to compete in the youth inter area competition this weekend - 29th and 30th Jan. 22 from Cambridge Tigers, 16 from Milton Road Primary School, 7 from Ely Vikings and 5 from Cambridge City. It is an impressive turn out from the area.


Level 2 course ran.


There is a level 1 coaching course 9-5pm on Saturday 26th Feb and Impington Village College. There may well be some classroom time on the Friday night before. I need to double check with the City Chair that is ok to use their posts there. The coach is Peter Allan. The cost of the hall is £37 per hour and we can't have it between 1 and 2pm so I have hired the small gym for £20 for that time as I am sure that they won't want a whole hour for lunch.

I am looking to get at least 16 people from the Cambridge area. I would like clubs to let me know by the end of the week (4th Feb) so that I can then open it up to the surrounding area. I would encourage clubs to get people to go on who aren't necessarily up for coaching right now. these things don't come around much in Cambridge, so if we present it to players as a chance of consolidating their knowledge of the game then we can get a load of people through who may not necessarily be ready to coach right now.

A maximum budget of £300 for CKA subsidy was agreed, which should allow a subsidy of roughly 50%. Course will cost £10 to club members (clubs may choose to pay this) and free to non-club members.





- need to find and appoint junior development officer – all clubs.

- organise tournament days with adhoc teams if necessary. Clubs with junior sections to do this in rotation. Vikings hosted a tournament attended by Tigers, City and Milton Road. City or Tigers turn to host next.

- junior development sub-committee – no meeting since August 2009.
- junior league – 2009/10 started, but not completed. Not running in 2010/11.

- organise Cambridgeshire junior teams – entered junior inter-area teams : U9, 3 off U11 and U14
- improve junior section of CKA website – report and photos from junior inter-area to be done.


- need to find and appoint senior development officer – all clubs.

- actively work to create new clubs – Finding hall time and volunteers to help start this is an issue. Starting a club is difficult so it's vital that clubs don't fold. Lions could do with help with recruitment. Please can all clubs help out with this.
- expand the geographic base of the CKA – new club needs to be in a new area.
- coaching courses – Level 1 course organisation in progress.

- refereeing theory tests, assessment and courses – level 2 course ran. Tigers have 2 people for theory tests and Phoenix have 1 or 2. Date being arranged.

All clubs

City, Tigers

Liv and Julie Allen

All clubs

All clubs



Saturday 12th February, 9.30 (registration), 10-2pm

Wolfson College

Barton Road



Howard is unable to attend, but has filled out the online feedback form. All clubs are encouraged to attend. Adrian, Phoenix chair did not receive an invitation.

The CKA's view, and that of its clubs, on an Anglian Regional League has been communicated to the EKA by email, reiterating what we've said before on many occasions and in our Area Development Plan.

All clubs


Wednesday, 16th March, 7 pm, The Rock, Cherry Hinton Road, TBC.