CKA Committee Minutes

Thursday 9th February 2012, 7.30 pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Jonathon Lyons)

CPO (Lucy McGregor)


City Rep []

Phoenix Rep [Adrian Dobbyne]

Lions Rep []

Tigers Rep [Chris West]

University Rep [Benny Chia]

Vikings Rep []


All clubs to try and find a volunteer secretary, coaching and senior development officers.

City, Tigers, Vikings (clubs with junior sections) to organise junior tournament days in rotation with adhoc teams if necessary – next tournament planned for end of March.

All clubs to help Lions with recruitment. Recruitment by word of mouth is successful – every member of every club please see if you know of anyone, perhaps who you work with, who lives in the Ely/Littleport area who might be interested in taking up korfball with Lions.

Corinne to average the cost of hall time for the Division 3 3rd fixtures across all teams and adjust each Division 3 team's league fees accordingly – will now do separately as league fees already sent out.

Lions to identify specific tasks to help with recruitment

All clubs to try to help Lions with coaching by looking for guest coaches – some offers made, Lions need to follow up on these.

Corinne to book CRC now for September next season for EA cup - booked CRC for the Saturday 15th September 2012 for both halls from 10am to 4pm for the EA Shield/Cup.

Nick to add confirmation email sent to the referee to the web scorecard entry - done.

Nick to email a list of players to clubs so that they can identify the active and inactive players – done.

Andy to arrange theory test - Uni, Phoenix have people to take it – clubs need to email Andy.

Andy to assess Simon Ball again – Simon too busy at present.

All clubs

City, Tigers, Vikings

All clubs








Junior players approved by email to play in the CKL:

Alex Coonar (Tigers)

Ella Campbell (Tigers)

Katie Wilkins (City)

subject to full and correct completion and signing of the appropriate forms. CKA signatories to check forms are complete, other signatories are reasonable and that the date of birth means the player is over 13.

Letter sent to EKA about Champions trophy endorsement of teams by areas with regard to unavailability of a C1 venue in Cambridgeshire and putting CKL results and fixtures on Fixtures Live. EKA yet to make a decision about the former, but they have accepted our proposal on the latter. The CKA has fully endorsed City and Tigers, although the latter is very unlikely to qualify via the SERL Division 1. Nick Collier sent his thanks on behalf of City.



Accounts attached.

Now issued the CKA Fees for 2011/2012

Issued fine to Tigers for Juniors playing before approval.

Issued fine to Tigers for Ref non-attendance.

Will need to re-imburse Lions Hall Cost.


For all games that have been snowed off or otherwise postponed, can the home team please take responsibility for arranging a new date, and make sure the ref knows.

Simon McGregor kindly helped all fixtures/results onto the EKA website - it should be fairly easy now to do this in the future to keep EKA happy and meet the Champions Trophy requirement.


Nothing to report.



So far this year we have held 2 junior tournaments (for ages U9, U11 and U13), 4 U13 academy sessions, 2 U19 area squad training sessions and taken 7 teams to Inter Area youth championships in Norwich.

Junior tournaments are very successful, breaking even and oversubscribed. We are planning the next one for the Perse on March 24th from 9am til 2pm. We can fit more courts in and therefore more game time for the children. Please all advertise this within your clubs asap to drum up the maximum level of interest to make this event at this more expensive venue a success. (There is the option to invite outside teams if we don't get enough.) Also please ask for referees for this event too.

Special thanks to Cambridge City for their support of the junior events, both in body and financially! I would like to encourage anybody who would like to help out at any of these events to email me direct please. If you are interested in learning about junior coaching then helping at the academy could be ideal for you.

U13 Academy is set to continue into the season - next one TBA. Continues to have a positive impact on the children and achieving its objective of keeping these children from dropping out prior to reaching seniors playing age.

Inter-area youth championships:

£150 subsidy given to reduce the entry fee for the children (leaving £150 left in the budget).

Special thanks to coaches on the days and for previous coaching sessions - Janine and Loes (U19) Chris, Liv (U14) Gareth, Adam, Julie (U11)

Results from the day:

U19s 3rd and 4th (of 4)

U14's 6th and 10th (of 10) - there was an error in the scoring and Chris has brought this to the attention of the organisers. Kent 2 went into the top group with less points that CKA 1 denying CKA 1 of top group entry for the afternoon pool.

U11's 3rd (bronze medals!) 6th and 8th (of 8)


Nothing to report.

COACHING (Vacant):



Nothing to report.



- junior development sub-committee – no meeting currently planned.

- organise tournament days with adhoc teams if necessary. Clubs with junior sections to do this in rotation. Dates to be planned in advance. This is working well.

- CKA awards – need to define awards, discuss as next junior development sub-committee meeting
- junior league – 2009/10 started, but not completed. Not run since. Need to think about ways to bridge from junior tournament days, which are successful, to a junior league.

- involve parents – some coming along to tournament days. Need to build involvement.

- organise Cambridgeshire junior teams – teams sent to junior inter area.

- improve junior section of CKA website – need to add CKA team reports


- need to find and appoint senior development officer – all clubs.
- coaching courses – no demand at present.

- refereeing theory tests, assessment and courses – see actions above.

All clubs



Suggestion from Adam : Is it worth (subject to hall time) trying to run 2 competitions that day. One for first teams and one as a pre-season friendly for mixed ability teams. In recent years entries have been fairly low, and it would get more people out. I guess it would depend upon the number of entries.

It was suggested that scratch teams could be entered too if some clubs have less than 8 players wishing to participate.

Discuss again nearer the time – August.


April, TBD.


City will be mixing their 1st and 2nd teams in the CKL, within the status rules, to build a squad for the Champions Trophy.

Adrian : bad weather procedure seemed to work well.