CKA Committee Minutes

Tuesday 22nd January, 7.30 pm, Littleport Leisure Centre





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Nick Collier)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Gary Cole)

Junior Development (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Lucy McGregor)


City Rep []

Phoenix Rep []

Lions Rep [Laura Neaves, Lindsay Neaves]

Tigers Rep [Stephen Clark]

University Rep []

Vikings Rep [Martin Brown, Chris Brown]


Corinne to average the cost of hall time for the Division 3 3rd fixtures across all teams and invoice clubs – done.

Uni and Phoenix to email Andy to arrange refereeing theory test – done (1 passed)

Chris West to raise CKA awards with the junior development sub-committee. Need to define awards. Try again for next season

Nick C to chase clubs for updated contact sheets – to do

Adam to approach Norwich Knights to get their agreement to withdraw second team from EA Cup in order to increase game time for everyone – done

Gary will form a senior development sub-committee consisting of Development Officers from each club to develop specific ideas and report back to the CKA – to do

Gary to pin down a date and get a hall booked for Dave Buckland to run a coaching course in Cambridge, possibly over multiple weekends. After not getting a response, Gary has asked Ross Carr-Taylor who agreed to do this – date still to be confirmed

Adam to try to schedule CKL fixtures to allow for a later start for Uni and Lions 2 - done

Gary to advise of dates for 2013 for CKA 20th birthday tournament that don’t clash with other established tournaments. 27th July has been chosen.

Lions to book Littleport for 2013 for CKA 20th birthday tournament – to do, now that date is known

All clubs to contact members to see if they know anyone close to Colchester who can help out at taster sessions etc. All clubs to see if they can offer spare equipment. 2 x CKA posts (with wicker baskets) from Vikings have gone to Ben at Colchester

Howard to consider holding meetings in Ely or Littleport, given scheduling around club training / match nights – done

Chris West

Nick C





Junior players approved by email to play in the CKL:

Maddy Taylor (City)

Josephine Schoenberg (City)

Daisy Llewellyn (Tigers)

Louis Clarke (Tigers)

Noah Branigan (Tigers)

subject to full and correct completion and signing of the appropriate forms.


Nothing to report


Accounts attached. The CKA fees have been invoiced, and mostly received.

Chased EKA for Championship Trophy deposit refund (for Norwich Knights): turns out Tornadoes owe the CKA (SERL banker).

Corinne did not think we have received KV’s payment for SERL (haven't checked in the last 25 days) – Corinne to follow up



Nothing to report.


95% of scorecards are arriving on time and most are filled in correctly these days; I need to chase up the other 5% which is time consuming and a pain. Could I ask that even if a game doesn't take place that someone (doesn't have to be the ref - especially if the game doesn't go ahead as there isn't a ref) still submits a scorecard for the match. Otherwise the fixture just ends up being blank and I have no idea that it didn't take place or it was a walkover or it was a void game or is going to be re-arranged. And a reminder that the U18 column is ticked by all captains for junior players - especially for brand new players.

From Gary: please would all refs provide brief comments/highlights when they submit the scorecards. It provides narrative that will help with and press releases/ articles we produce.

All clubs to remind captains and referees

All clubs to remind captains and referees


Tigers have supported the establishment of Colchester Wildcats KC. Thanks for this. Would be great if other clubs in the CKA could offer further support. I will check they have been invited to the Cambs uni tournament.


(Chris West) Continuing work towards developing a junior league

(Liv) I am planning to get an order in for some equipment soon. Andy Barnes would like more posts and Milton Road's balls are falling apart. If any other club or school are needing help with junior equipment or related funding please shout.


Lucy Purser (Phoenix) practically qualified to referee at CKA level.

Tom Hodges (Uni) passed the written test.

All clubs accepted the idea of someone from another club coming to referee matches at the end of training sessions in order to get practical experience in a mentored and low-pressure environment.

COACHING (Vacant):

Trying to get pilot of new level one course developed to be delivered in Cambs but suspect this will be London. Awaiting minutes of meeting.

New Korfball Coaching textbook produced by the IKF available through the EKA.



Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


- organise tournament days with adhoc teams if necessary. Clubs with junior sections to do this in rotation. Planning to have regular tournaments, one or two a term, working towards a junior league.

- CKA awards – didn't do in time for last season, try again this season.

Inter areas took place in January in Harrow. U11, U14 and U16 teams represented CKA.

A junior tournament took place on 15th Dec - 2-6


Sponsorship of the league letter - no feedback received on draft letter.

Development working group - no names provided by clubs to assist with development projects.


Confirmed that this would be held on Saturday 27th July, with Lions to arrange the booking of Littleport Leisure Centre. Lions are organizing and will consider whether to have a social. Gary will publicize this on the forums.

Gary, Lions


(Adam) Nobody has assigned any SERL2 referees so it's a nightmare for clubs. Could someone from the CKA try to assign referees go all the Cambridge based games?

The meeting felt that the current system broadly works OK, with home clubs appointing referees.


Howard will reply to EKA endorsing the participation of City and Tigers at Champions Trophy.

All clubs endorsed the principal of following National League results rules, as per the EKA’s requirements, and clubs will implement this.


All clubs


March, TBD.