CKA Committee Minutes

Thursday 20th June, 8pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Nick Collier)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Vacant)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Senior Development (Gary Cole)

Junior Development (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Lucy McGregor)


City Rep []

Phoenix Rep []

Lions Rep []

Tigers Rep [Jenny Keen, Tom Kim]

University Rep []

Vikings Rep []


Chris West to raise CKA awards with the junior development sub-committee. Need to define awards – not done, delete from actions.

Nick C to chase clubs for updated contact sheets – not complete, delete from actions.

Gary will form a senior development sub-committee consisting of Development Officers from each club to develop specific ideas and report back to the CKA – no response from clubs, delete from actions.

Corinne to check if we have received KV’s payment for SERL – yes, done.

Gary trying to get pilot of new level 1 course developed to be delivered in Cambs – course will be Harrow. EKA looking to run level 1 course in Cambs in December.


Tigers 4 mistakenly played a junior who wasn't approved by the CKA. The match was against a development team, so the result doesn't count anyway. TIgers 4 are fined £20 deducted 2 points, but they finished at the bottom of division 3 anyway.

SERL meeting on 19th May.

SERL structure for 2013/14.

Phase 1 : 1 Division of 10 teams (1 team per club), play each other once (9 games per team). 2 away games can be arranged on the same date in the same area.

Phase 2 : 2 Divisions of 5 teams, top 5 and bottom 5 from Phase 1, teams in each division play each other twice (8 games per team). 5 MGVs, with 4 teams from each division playing.

It's planned to have a final MGV in Cambridge at the Perse on Sunday 30th March (Is the Perse available for 4.5 to 5 hours ?)

Entry fee is £50 by 1st September. After that 50% extra penalty. After 1st November team disqualified.

£20 fine if team lists not available.

Only 1 NL player playing down on pitch a once.

Minutes for meeting haven't materialised.

Clubs need to update contacts and name their referees.


Nothing to report


Accounts attached.

FIXTURES (Vacant):


Nothing to report.


Coaching session with Dave Buckland was well received. There was some confusion over whether the session was intended to develop coaches or players. It was suggested to make this clearer in future and to use a less ambiguous name.

GB vs Netherlands macthes on 29th June at UEA in Norwich.


NYD - still waiting for more offers of help with posts. The number I currently have been offered is about half as much as I will need.

- doing ok with other volunteers - though referees I only have one from Lions and 0 from Vikings as yet - unless I have missed an email.

Inter Area - on 6th July - we will need to send referees again if we are to enter teams. It is an outdoor tournament in Kent.

- would like to enter U19 and U16 teams but have not heard from Vikings who I assumed would provide a lot of the U19 players.


Nothing to report.

COACHING (Vacant):



Nothing to report.


Tournament days being run.


See above.


More CKA team needed to enter. Suggested that clubs contact former players.


Request from Ben Hall (Colchester Wildcats, ex-Tigers)

Thanks for your help when I was starting up Colchester Wildcats last year. Wildcats is still going and the University of Essex Korfball Club is starting up this October. Next year Wildcats would love to join the Cambridgeshire league. Would this be a possibility? I’m almost certain that the lack of regular league games is making it more difficult for us to retain new players so it’s very important for us to get into a league this coming year. I would think Wildcats are high div 3 standard, not quite div 2. So div 3 is probably best then we could earn our way into div 2 over the season if we are good enough. We would be looking at entering one team for the upcoming season.

At the moment we are looking at Cambridgeshire, Norwich and Kent as potential leagues to join as the travel is relatively similar. Once we have some information back we are going to make a decision based on what will work best for Wildcats, Korfball, in Essex and for the relevant area associations.

I realise that travelling as far as Colchester is something that div 3 teams in Cambridgeshire aren't used to. Would the organisation of days with multiple matches or the use of a venue between Colchester and Cambridge clubs be a possibility?

The CKA would in principle like to help Wildcats. There's concern over travel for away matches though. The CKA would like Wildcats to play their home matches in a venue closer to Cambridge e.g. Bury. It might be possible for CKA clubs to play their home matches against Wildcats at the same venue as Wildcats away matches. Note that some CKA clubs play their home matches mid-week, sometimes with late start times 9 or 10 pm. Some CKA clubs have lots of junior players in their teams, for whom late nights are an issue. Any venue must be of a minimum size of 4 badminton courts.

How many players do Wildcats have ?

Do Wildcats have collapsible posts ?


Clubs need to consider this issue. It will be put on the CKA AGA agenda. The information available compares different options, but doesn't give staying as an association as an option. There's no information about costs, either one off or ongoing.



NKA's or SMKA's turn to host.
Proposal from Charlie Vogwill (NKA Chair)
I'd like to propose a one day Norfolk vs Cambridge event, to replace the EA Cup/Shield.

Norfolk vs Cambridge (1 hour)
Norfolk U19s vs Cambridge U19s (1 hour)
Norfolk U16s vs Cambridge U16s (50 mins)
Norfolk U13 vs U13s (30 mins)
Norfolk U11s vs U11s (20 mins)
Norfolk U9s vs U9s (20 mins)
Clubs games (all 1 hour)
Knights vs City
Ice vs Tigers
Vikings vs NCKC
Dragons vs Lions
Stingers vs Phoenix
UEA vs Cambridge Uni

At UEA we could use a number of courts (smaller for the Juniors) and have all the games played in 6 hours. 1 point for each fixture and finish with the Norfolk vs Cambridge game as 'showpiece' event. We can the put on a BBQ afterwards to present some kind of trophy. A bit like the ashes.

What do you think? I think it would be great to create a friendly rivalry between our areas and get clubs in each to support each other. We could even do a summer and a winter event. The cost and logistics for an outdoor event would be much better.

The CKA agreed with the proposal.


(Tom Kim) Currently the CKA clubs do not have the capacity to play their Division 3 juniors up into Division 2, mainly due to the fact that teams tend to prefer playing people down rather than up, but also because coaches may worry that the juniors will not have enough support from their team-mates. Although they do get some game time, juniors (juniors in particular because they have good basic skills such as shooting, passing etc.) could improve much more quickly if given the opportunity.

Proposal - to have an U19 team for anyone aged 14 and over in division 2 next season. This Under 19s team would also prepare the players better for competitions at area level and would also lead to more players representing the CKA in the England Under 16s and Under 19s squads. The proposed team would act like a development team in the sense that it would not accrue points and would not be subject to status laws. Every match, a team would be composed from a pool of over 25 players, 15 of which have already confirmed interest. Out of the 8 players on the court, 2-4 of them would be "experienced" players who regularly play in Division 1. The other players would be a mix of Division 2 and 3.]

The CKA will schedule friendly away fixtures for the U19's against each CKL Division 2 team. The hall and referee costs for each fixture will be split between the two teams.


AGM July, before the EKA AGM.