CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 15th May 8.00pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Sara Neaves)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves)

Results (Mark Wassell)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Angela Gibbs )


City Rep(s) [Stuart Hatfield]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [Ellen Pearce]

Tigers Rep(s) [Steve Clarke]

University Rep(s) []

Vikings Rep(s) [Phil Morton, Chris Brown]


Sara to update contact list so Angela has club CPO contact details – awaiting response from Tigers. Tigers have just had their AGM, so will provide latest information.

City to advise CKA of their tournament date – done, Sunday 20th July.

Angela to remind Tigers about responding to emails – done.

Tigers, Sara


Charlie Wayne (Tigers)

Richard Redfern (Tigers)

Zac Kroese (Tigers)

Harrison Clough (Tigers)

Lucy Howes (City)

were approved to play in the CKL.

I was unable to attend the chair's forum on behalf of the CKA and there were no volunteers to attend in my place. Did any clubs attend ? No.


Nothing to report.


Accounts attached. As info, I've received all the monies that Liv had for the juniors, and have now paid that into the CKA bank account. As I've been away, I've not had a chance to go through her spreadsheet and reflect it properly in the accounts, so that is an outstanding action on me, so will circulate again, once I've caught up and done that.

Only outstanding, is Lions with their CKA Fees payment and a Ref fine which happened recently.



Results all up to date. Three development match scorecards are lost.




Nothing to report.

COACHING (Vacant):


(Sara) I have received a phone call from BBC Cambridgeshire to see if someone from the CKA would like to go and talk about korfball this Saturday from 5pm? The slot will be at 5.20pm and lasts about 10-20 minutes.

The chap is looking for one or two people to go in and talk about the history of korfball, the CKA, the teams in the CKA, the rules, and how to contact us to play!!

Is there anyone interested in going at all?

Ellen emailed Sara to Volunteer.


Clubs are unclear whether Liv and Laura can still do DBS (previously CRB) identity checks. Liv did Angela's check, so she can do checks. Angela to email EKA and ask.



City, Phoenix, Tigers and Vikings intend to enter.

Splitting season into 2 parts caused problems with fixtures, as the 2nd part fixtures weren't known until Christmas.

If the same structure is used again, would like to carry relevant results from 1st part into 2nd part and only play opposition once in the 2nd part – return fixture from 1st part. 1st part of season would be longer than 2nd and so fixtures would need to be spread accordingly.

The number of regional league qualified referees is an issue, with most clubs only having 1. This is a big risk to the sustainability of the CKA teams in the SERL. See resulting wider discussion on referees under AOB.


Following feedback from members, the EKA have produced another draft, which they say is final. The EKA are planning to hold an EGM immediately prior to AGM, which is planned for Saturday 19th July.

The draft does not seem to address the 'show stoppers' agreed by consensus of the CKA and its clubs. With the benefit of hindsight we could have better engaged with the EKA by suggesting specific text changes that if made would mean the articles were supported by the CKA and its clubs. Ellen volunteered to look at latests draft and propose some specific changes that would address the CKA and its clubs primary concerns.



AGM, July.


Referees : discussion about the how we can get more regionally qualified referees, more referees and develop new and existing referees.

There's demand for:

  • a new referees theory course prior to taking the theory test, ideally with taking the theory test at the end of the course. Clubs think they have numbers: C3-4 +L? + P5 + T3 + U? + V3-4

  • a 'level 2' theory course for existing referees, like the one that Graham Crafter ran previously

  • a practical development session with the aim to raise the level of a number of referees to be ready for EKA assessment to become regionally qualified

Clubs are happy for referees to attend their training sessions for refereeing practice and clubs will endeavour to provide mentors on request.

National Youth Day could be an opportunity for referees to be assessed by the EKA – contact the EKA to ask them.

Phoenix would like to put coach on the agenda for the next committee meeting.

Phil is a volunteer helping with the EKA's Club Health project. He will keep the CKA informed on this.

(Laura) Play-offs – home and away decided by coin toss, as per the CKL rules. Golden goal and then penalties will decide a tie.