CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 4th September 8.00pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Sara Neaves)

Treasurer (Vacant)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves)

Results (Mark Wassell)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Angela Gibbs )


City Rep(s) [Gavin Belsham, Stuart Hatfield,

Simon McGregor]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [Ellen Pearce]

Tigers Rep(s) [Steve Clarke]

University Rep(s) []

Vikings Rep(s) [Phil Morton, Chris Brown]


Clubs are unclear whether Liv and Laura can still do DBS (previously CRB) identity checks. Liv did Angela's check, so she can do checks. Angela to email EKA and ask - I have been in contact with EKA about ID checks for DBS clearance. They have confirmed that Liv can check ID. I'm sure we could arrange for other people to be included too, so let me know if you wish me to do anything else.

Laura needs to be DBS checked to be able to do DBS identity checks.

Laura, Liv




I've contacted Isabel Rowe - I asked the EKA for her email address - about the korfball club starting at Anglia Ruskin University. I invited her to ask the CKA for any assistance, mentioned the Cambridgeshire Korfball League and invited her to attend this committee meeting. I received a reply:

'It had crossed my mind to contact you however as I didn't know how many people we would get I didn't think to do it as I was unsure we could fulfil fixtures.

The club itself is still in the early stages so any advice or help is welcomed!

We have training times sorted on a Thursday late afternoon at KK (currently waiting for exactly what time).

We are in the process of sorting out equipment with City and looking at paying them for use of their equipment.

We will have the freshers fair on the 24th of September to recruit more players as well!

Thank you for the invite but I won't be able to make it I'm afraid as I live in Norwich.'

I've suggested they join the CKA as a full or associate member.


Can clubs please up-date me with their details once AGMs have taken place.

All clubs


(Corinne Bowes) Accounts attached.

All entries for SERL 2014/2015 are in and on-time

Cambridge Uni accidentally paid in £30, thinking it was the CKA fees for this season, will hold that to net off against those fees (usually issue fees in November)

Need City and Liv to confirm final payments for the juniors hall hire so that we can settle payment to City for last season.

Liv, City


See agenda item 1 below.


This weekend I will put the player status pages on the CKA website. I will send out a report of statistics from the referees' ratings of teams.





Simon Hall and Hannah Ward of Phoenix have been approved to referee in the CKL.

Lions have asked for a theory test. Phoenix also want a theory test. Date(s) to be arranged.

Andy, Lions, Phoenix

COACHING (Vacant):



Nothing to report.


I've had all the team entries confirmed for the season so I've put together a couple of suggestions for proposed league set-up.
Teams entered:
City - 5 (4+1development)
Lions - 3 (2+1 development) - May have to pull development team out if Sep recruitment plan doesn't work!)
Phoenix - 4
Tigers - 5 (4+1 development)
Uni - 2
Vikings 4
Total 23 teams (20+3 development)

Therefore team order (based on last years finishing places will be) T1, V1, P1, T2, C1, P2, L1, U1,  V2, C2, T3, P3, C3, V3, L2, C4, P4, U2, V4, T4, C5 (Dev), T5 (Dev), L3 (Dev).
Option 1:
Keeping Div 1 same as last year (6 teams):
D1 - T1, V1, P1, T2, C1, P2 (6 teams - 10 games)
D2 - L1, U1, V2, C2, T3, P3, C3, V3 (8 teams - 14 games)
D3 - L2, C4, P4, U2, V4, T4, C5 (Dev), T5 (Dev), L3 (Dev) (9 teams - 16 games)
Option 2:
Levelling out leagues:
D1 - T1, V1, P1, T2, C1, P2, L1 (7 teams - 12 games)
D2 - U1, V2, C2, T3, P3, C3, V3, L2 (8 teams - 14 games)
D3 - C4, P4, U2, V4, T4, C5 (Dev), T5 (Dev), L3 (Dev) (8 teams - 14 games)

After a brief discussion a vote was taken. Option 1 : 5 votes, Option 2 : 2 votes, no abstentions => Option 1.


The articles were not approved by the membership. The EKA have 'asked that members pull together their feedback and concerns ahead of the EKA’s next ExCo meeting in September 14'. 'We have a Board Meeting coming up on 20th September 2014. If you have anything which you would like to add to the agenda then please let me know by 5th September 2014.'

There was a discussion about 'proxy', nominee and postal voting.

It was agreed by consensus that the CKA and the clubs present wish to see these changes:

- control over fees by the membership at AGMs

- approval of the budget by the membership at AGMs

- company scope and activities to be limited to be 'in the interests of korfball'

This is consistent with previous views expressed by the CKA and its clubs. Howard will email the EKA and copy the CKA committee, which includes the club chairs. The CKA chairs will email the EKA to indicate their explicit support for the CKA position.


, club chairs


David Synott, EKA International Sub-Committee (ISC) chair has contacted the CKA:

'I would be very keen to talk to you about your area's view on international korfball, regional squads and player pathways. As you will be aware we are restructuring the ISC so that we can start to address these and may other items so that korfball can starting being truly national at the top level (with the aim of driving recruitment and participation, not as a means to an end). I would like to talk to the Cambridge / you / your committee to get your history, plans, opinions and feedback on how we can start this process.

We think we're as good as anywhere else at junior level, but when you get to U19 and beyond we're falling behind as players aren't playing regularly at National League level. For players to progress they have to join clubs outside of the CKA.

Lots of junior players go to University and then don't come back to the area.

The large number of regional league matches has lead to a lack of enthusiasm amongst players for the Senior Inter-area competition.

Howard to email Dave Synott.



(Ellen) Should be doing something at CKA level to provide coaches with a chance to improve their skills, share strategies and practice etc…
Succession planning and bringing on more qualified coaches.
Is any interest from other clubs?

City may have some interest in a level 1 course. Interest can be registered directly with the EKA.

Some interest in a 1 day 'how to coach' clinic for coaches already Level 1 qualified i.e. ~ level 1.5. Recent EKA Continual Professional Development day was wrong time of year coupled with distant location.

Howard to find out status of level 2 course.

Clubs to ask members about interest in level 1, 'level 1.5' and level 2 courses.


All clubs




Phil Morton gave an update on the status of the Club Health project.