CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 20th November 7.30pm, Golden Hind





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Sara Neaves)

Treasurer (Vacant)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves)

Results (Mark Wassell)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Angela Gibbs )


City Rep(s) [Gavin Belsham]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) []

Tigers Rep(s) []

University Rep(s) [Katy Blake]

Vikings Rep(s) []


Laura needs to be DBS checked to be able to do DBS identity checks.
City and Liv to confirm final payments for the juniors hall hire so that we can settle payment to City for last season.
Mark to put the player status pages on the CKA website and send out a report of statistics from the referees' ratings of teams - done.
Andy, Lions and Phoenix to arrange date(s) for refereeing theory test(s) – interest lapsed.
Howard and clubs chairs to email EKA about articles - done.
Howard to email Dave Synott about International korfball, regional squads and player pathways - done, see Chair's report below.
Howard to find out status of level 2 course - done, see coaching and refereeing courses agenda item below.
Clubs to ask members about interest in level 1, 'level 1.5' and level 2 courses.


City, Liv





Meeting is not quorate due to insufficient attendees. Only 3 of the 6 clubs are represented.

International korfball, regional squads and player pathways - only 1 response to email about further dialogue with David Synott, EKA International Sub-Committee (ISC) chair, so this has gone quiet.

Lilah Wooldridge (City)

Lucy Howes (City)

Garret Norton (City)

Alex Carmichael (City)

Leon Harding - (16) (Lions)

Jake Medcalf - (15) (Lions)

James Mcleish (Vikings)

WIlliam Cutforth (Vikings)

Kathryn Bullough (Phoenix)

were approved to play in the CKL.

Expenditure of:

£640 for 4 off 4 piece competition poles (not complete posts) for CRC (budget £650)

£710 for 2 off 4 piece posts (poles, bases and baskets) (budget £700)

£75 delivery (taken from £200 'Coaching Fees' budget)

Total £1,425, was approved by email.


Could Uni send their contacts again, as I can't find them, to allow completion of the updated CKA contact list.



Still need to fill this essential role. Any volunteers or suggestions for who could be approached ?



I am still waiting for a response from Tigers regarding the rearranged game from the start of the season (Tigers 2 v Tigers 1) and also for them to confirm they are happy to play the matches that clash with the SERL (rearranged games) and Promo league matches - I'm assuming they are as I've had no response.

There are still a couple of games that need to be re-arranged due to hall availability, but I think most have been changed and are now showing the new dates/times on the website.



Nothing to report.




Nothing to report.

COACHING (Vacant):



Nothing to report.


There was a match were that was postponed, but the referee turned up as neither the referee, refereeing club or fixtures officer was informed, which is contrary to the league rules. Note that rules say the referee still gets paid their fee by the club responsible for the cancellation or postponement. In this case the match was between teams from the same club.

The meeting felt that this was an exceptional case and that the match being between two teams from the same club was probably a contributory cause.


As agreed, the other CKA clubs are covering Uni's refereeing commitments for 2014/15. This is an exception and the expectation is that Uni will cover their own commitments for 2015/16.

Uni will be sending people on the new Introduction to Refereeing course in January. The meeting felt that it's important that Uni show willing and make efforts.


Adam organised an 'Introduction to Refereeing' course. The course only cost £25, to cover some additional hall time and printing handouts. Lions donating their training hall time.

100% of attendees rated all aspects of the course 4/5 or 5/5 (overall rating for course was 4.54/5)

100% of respondents would recommend this course to others in their club

If you exclude the one attendee who had recently qualified, 70% expressed a desire to go on to try and qualify in the near future, and the other 30% “maybe in the future” I was expecting 33% and 33% (with 33% saying ’no thanks’).

Proposed next steps:

- Organise a similar course in January at Uni. I should have enough people already registered. Based upon experience at Littleport, cap places at hard-limit of 12 (we had a soft-limit of 12 for the first, but stretched to accommodate 15).

- If there is more demand for more, or next year, we have a template that seems to work.

The first course hasn't yet been funded. In the past courses have tended to be paid half by the CKA and half by clubs (per attendee). The meeting felt that the clubs could cover the cost of the course. As Lions 'donated' their training hall time, the other clubs with attendees could cover the cost of the Lions attendees.

Laura drafted a report on the course for the EKA to put in their website news.

Further next steps:

- Work with Andy R and other mentors to work out how we proceed with those that want to move towards qualification. Might mean a follow-up ‘Developing Referees” course (which could also target newly qualified referees) or just some informal mentoring. Also need to think about theory tests.

- We should also consider how we can use development games (or even all CKA division 3 games) as chance for trainees (when ready) to ref real games with a mentor.

At present, Andy's not aware of anyone waiting to be assessed to become CKA approved. It's expected this may change though following the Introduction to Refereeing courses.

Level 1 coaching course

Minimum 14 people, £65 per person plus 6 hours hall hire via EKA or £70 per person plus 6 hours hall hire ourselves. So £1,160 if we book Littleport or £910 + £180? to £270? if hall booked via EKA. 6 weeks minimum notice required.

City have 6+ interested, Uni might have some people interested.

Level 2 coaching course

Will be launched early 2015. Minimum 9 people, £200+ per head + hall hire. 5 days total time commitment. So £1,800 + £900? hall hire.

The meeting felt that at present there's not enough people from CKA clubs interested in a level 1 course to meet the minimum number of 14. It may be possible to register the interest of less than this number with the EKA and the remaining places be filled by people from outside the CKA, Cambridge being a central location.

As the meeting was not quorate, no expenditure could be approved.


An update on the club health initiative was presented on behalf of Phll Morton.


Sunday 22nd February in Bristol, hosted by SWKA. Entry deadline is 19th December. City have no interested players. Uni may have 1 interested player. Vikings have 3 boys and 1 girl interested. No volunteers so far to be team manager.


Mark proposes that we set up a Twitter account for the purposes of publicity and results notification. Coincidentally, the EKA have recently asked if we have a Twitter account or Facebook page and offered support creating, setting up, best practice advice etc. on social media.

Mark will create a CKA Twitter account. It doesn't require active management, so we can do see how it goes and evolve its use over time.