CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 26th November 2015, 7.30pm, CRC





Chairman (Howard Laffling,Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves, Lions)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt,Tigers)

Refereeing (Adam Twiss, Vikings)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Angela Gibbs, Tigers)


City Rep(s) [Stuart Hatfield]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [✔]

Tigers Rep(s) [✔]

University Rep(s) [Jade Doughty]

Vikings Rep(s) [✔]


Clubs to send updated contact details for their officers for this season to Fiona - done.
Philip / Howard to setup new bank account - done.
Clubs to submit last 6 SERL scorecards from last season - done.
Vikings to enter outstanding Vikings 4 result from last season - done
Chris Brown / Lions to arrange for trophies to be engraved via Chris - done.
Howard to organise EGM - done.
Howard to circulate information on walkovers - done.




Junior players:
Annabel Marsh (Vikings)
Emily McLeish (Vikings)
Meadow Wooldridge (City)

Dawson Wooldridge (City)

Yunise Wong (City)

Sam Ball (City)

Jude Rowland (Tigers)
Anne-Marie Federle (Tigers)
Becca Brettell (Tigers)
Emily Howland (Tigers)
Hana Bierman (Tigers)
Paul Boughton (Tigers)
William Moody (Phoenix)
Hannah Bullough (Phoenix)
Dan Kroese (Tigers)
Dan Kerwin (Tigers)
Sam Oldham (Tigers)
were approved to play in the CKL.


Thanks to everyone for returning their club contacts details, there were a couple of outstanding details that I forgot to follow up, these have now been chased so the finalised list will be circulated soon.



New bank account now up and running, waiting for transfer of funds.
Invoices for CKA affiliation fees will go out in the next 10 days.
New spreadsheet to be issued following resolution of outstanding SERL refunds and funds transfer to new account.

Howard to check payments can be made out of the bank account so all funds are not stuck in the account.




Nothing to report


(Howard) An enquiry was received from the EKA about the kit colours for the inter-area tournament, Howard responded – green and white. It was suggested it would be good to enter a team in the tournament this year when it comes around. It was noted that there has been a lack of interest in the past, but that it might be a good opportunity for some younger and developing players. Consider making more of a recruitment effort when there is a call for teams.


Received an email from Frank Sieber (EKA Competitions Sub-Committee) indicating that the cost for the venue hire for National Youth Day was too much (£1,300 compared to £500 paid elsewhere last year). Liv has replied to highlight the favourable facilities at Swavesey and to say that it is not possible to find another venue in Cambs. There was a suggestion that profits from the food and drink could go towards the cost (normally kept by host area), as the tournament does not cover itself in entry fees alone. Waiting to hear back from Frank.

It is frustrating that there is a lack of volunteers to help with the Juniors’ events and the same refs and club reps always come forward. People don’t need to necessarily commit for a full day, happy to have people along for a couple of hours. Refs are needs for U9 and U11 games as well as the U14 national league, for which a higher standard of reffing is required.

There is a good representation at academy of youth players from City and Tigers but few from Vikings and Phoenix, who do have youth players. It would be good to have a more established culture at all clubs of engaging with, and encouraging youth players to get involved in the academy training. It would also be useful to have adults from the clubs attending to help with running and supervising sessions. Need further buy-in from clubs if it is going to succeed an area level.

The Junior Inter Area tournament is coming up in January.


CKA Referee Group - I want to try and distribute the work of training and assessment amongst a group of people. I have formed a group of me, Gary Cole, Chris West, Martin Brown, Toby Parsons and Andy Rutter. I'd like to also have a person any club that doesn't have a representative in that group also act as a ref liaison. Laura N has offered to do this for Lions.

New Ref Education - Introduction to Refereeing Course on Wed Nov 11th at University Sports Centre. Aim to get at least one (pref two) Uni refs CKA qualified by Christmas. Theory test to be organised shortly afterwards.

Qualifying New Refs to CKA standard - structured practical assessment put in in place. Taken ideas from EKA and other area assessments and produced a CKA process given clearly defined criteria to allow multiple people (anyone in the CKA Referee Group) to assess to consistent standard. Two people (Steve Grant - Vikings and Kevin McGuinness - Tigers) so far passed this season. I hope to add a third name to that list shortly.

Higher Level Assessments (Q and R) - I have the agreement from EKA that we can get our referees who are “R” (or higher) qualified to do ‘Q’ assessments. This will make it much easier for people to become EKA qualified. Any 'R' (or higher) referee can assess this. Trying to arrange for Liv Harcourt and Simon Hall to do this in near future. It should now be far easier to get referees Q assessed, and I believe as an area we should strive for more. For some reason the EKA are making it far too complicated, but I am trying to get Chris W 'R' qualified.

Referee Audit - I have done an audit of CKA-based referees and what qualifications they have in the eyes of the EKA. This omits some people, and shows some errors that I will work to correct. In the EKA's eyes we have:
1B: Toby P, Gary C
R: Adam T, Andy R + Dom McDonald (not currently active)
Q: Chris W, Rhian + a couple of inactive people.

Nobody else who is an active CKA referee is down as having any EKA qualification. There are some obvious exceptions (Martin B, Carla B) that should be on that list, but the EKA's record keeping is imperfect. I will fix this. If anybody else is aware of any omissions please let me know now. In the EKA's eyes we only have 6 active qualified referees.

Referee Development Plan - I have started work on a development plan for refereeing in the CKA. From the stats I've done it's obvious that we have a lack of a 'pyramid' of referees at different levels. We also have no more active referees than 5 years ago, despite the CKA league having considerably more games, and far more regional league games. So each active referee has far more demands. I am also deeply concerned that at some clubs (especially Tigers and Vikings) all the refereeing has historically fallen to the same people who do all the coaching/organising - this risks burning out key people and holds our area back. I'll circulate something further in due course. We need to appreciate that refereeing is a big issue. Liv is constantly struggling to get referees for junior tournaments. No experienced/established referee volunteered to come and referee the BUCS preliminaries.

As part of this plan (and advanced warning/socialising an idea) I'd like the CKA to agree to a target that each club should aim to maintain two active referees at the level their highest teams play at (so if one is injured/stops that there is another), and one additional active referee at the level of each subsequent team. I'd like that definition to include 'Q' referees for CKA division 1 teams. On that basis no CKA club currently has sufficient levels of qualified referees. Ironically, Vikings (which has historically been very weak in this regard) could soon be close, but every club in my mind needs to do more.

Sue White has now also passed CKA assessment. Two new refs (Sue and Steve) were also only volunteers to do the BUCS preliminary round.

Intro course ran at Uni with 8 attendees (7 from Uni)

Theory test planned (at Uni) for this coming Monday (30 Nov)

COACHING (Vacant):


The twitter account is now up and running, but what should be tweeted? Suggestions of info about CKA meetings, retweeting club tweets about results in the league, info and scores from the juniors, retweeting posts from other korfball related accounts.

Do we want the U14 National League results included on the CKA website? Agreed this would be good. Liv to send the schedule/ results spreadsheet to Howard to be uploaded.



Angela expressed that she is unsure if she should be doing more in the CPO role. She is happy to do so, but is a bit unclear on what needs to be done. In the past the CPO has done some unofficial ‘auditing’ of club child protection. This is not a requirement, but the CPO should be prepared to advise clubs on standards required for child protection (or know where to refer them, e.g. to the EKA policy). Angela and Liv agreed it would be useful to meet and discuss what Liv had learned on the safeguarding and protecting children course she attended recently.



Liv recently attended a safeguarding and protecting children course, to help inform the running of the youth activities. She has requested reimbursement for the cost of the course, which was £40.

The course leader suggested the course should be repeated every three years. Liv found the course very useful and pertinent to the work she does for the CKA. It was therefore agreed that the cost would be reimbursed. Philip to arrange payment of £40 to Liv/Tigers.

It was discussed that the course would be useful for Angela, and also potentially for roles at club level. Angela to investigate if it might be possible to get someone to come and run the course locally so that we might be able to reduce the cost per person by providing a venue. If not possible, Angela to find a course to attend. Philip to include the cost of courses for the CPO and Junior Development Officer in the next CKA budget. The cost will be incurred every three years and/or when there is a change in officers.





Next meeting January.


(Jade) Uni reffing fixtures – Uni have been assigned some fixtures to ref that fall outside term time, so they will be unable to cover them. One in January has been swapped. They have one next term which is in Littleport and harder for them to get to. It may be that if a club is travelling from Cambridge for the match and a lift could be provided for the ref. There are fixtures after 11th March which is the end of term. Help might be needed to cover these.

There was a request to hold meetings in the CRC classroom again as it is much easier to hear and talk to each other. Howard will investigate if this is possible.