CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 10th March 2016, 7.30pm, CRC





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves, Lions)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Adam Twiss, Vikings)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Angela Gibbs, Tigers)


City Rep(s) [✔]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [✔]

Tigers Rep(s) []

University Rep(s) []

Vikings Rep(s) [✔]


Philip to arrange payment of £40 to Liv/Tigers - done.
Angela to investigate if it might be possible to get someone to come and run the safeguarding and protecting children course locally so that we might be able to reduce the cost per person by providing a venue. If not possible, Angela to find a course to attend.
Dan to investigate if Joe Pengelly is a qualified referee - done, theory qualified only.
Uni to swap 3 refereeing commitments this season which are out of term time.
Tigers to clarify if there is always an accessible first aid kit at the Perse.
Mark to rerun and check the unregistered players report to make sure everything is up to date - done.
Howard to respond to the EKA to endorse Tigers for National League - done.






Junior players:

Stanley Goretzki (Vikings)
Derek Gwynn (Vikings)
Ben Sirota (Vikings)
Charlie Wyatt (City)
Flora Timney (City)

were approved to play in the CKL.

Junior players:
Kaitlyn Brooks (Vikings)
Phoebe Edwards (Vikings)
Benjamin Revie (Vikings)
NOT approved, as they are not yet 13. All players must be 13 to play in the CKL. Clubs should not seek approval for players to play until, at most, 7 days before they turn 13. The listed players will need to seek approval again, once they are 13 (or up to 7 days before) and will need to complete new underage forms.

It's very important that anyone signing forms on behalf of the CKA checks to make sure the players are over 13.
Referees should be asking to see the forms of junior players (U18s) before matches and checking that they're complete and fully signed.
If there are any other junior players, who clubs have sought approval for, but who were under 13 at the time, please can clubs let me know a.s.a.p. Please can clubs check all their underage forms to make sure the players were over 13 on the date that they were signed on behalf of the CKA.



Nothing to report


Attached is an updated accounts spreadsheet. At the moment the only tab that is completely correct is the first bank account one. I am still working on the rest. In terms of finance bits, there is still one Ref fine outstanding and I have just had another bill from CRC that I will process in the next day or so.


(Howard) Vikings requested a 2nd team match to be postponed as it clashed with a SERL fixture. The request was denied as 1st team, but not 2nd team matches are scheduled around SERL matches. A request by a Phoenix to move a 2nd team match was denied earlier in the season.


A walkover was awarded to City 1 in their match against Tigers 2 on 28 February 2016 (the first day of the new status period), as Tigers 2 fielded an illegal team featuring three players with first team status.

The referee rating report has been circulated to all clubs.

A reminder to clubs that they do not need to enter SERL results into the CKA system, only in Fixtures Live. They will be retrieved from there for CKA purposes.




* I’ve completed an audit of what the EKA thinks about what refs we have at Q, R, and 1B versus what we think. There are some differences.
* We need to retrospectively re-qualify Carla B and Martin B who the EKA don’t think are qualified. I’ve tried to just get them added, as Andy Rutter and I recall Dave Bond assessing Carla at NYD, and Martin is clearly of the view he has passed, but I am struggling with that argument. We now have a clear mandate to assess people locally, so it’s just a matter of arranging a suitable game/occasion.
* I’d arranged for Chris West to be assessed to a higher level. I believe he is now 1B qualified having been assessed by Steve Jones doing a premier league game down in London.
* I’ve tried to arrange Q level assessments for Simon Hall and Liv H, but have been waiting on them to propose games.
* Hoping to do two more Uni practical assessments next week during a development game.
* We have very few active refs that are EKA qualified - the list is:
1B: Toby P, Gary C, Chris W
R: Adam T, Andy R, Dom M
Q: Alex Z, Rhian B
That’s only 8 referees, that are are EKA qualified. Per club this is: City (1), Tigers (2), Phoenix (2), Vikings (2), Unaffiliated (1). The SERL rules require I think clubs to have a minimum of two referees, so I think clubs should be striving to have 3 - something that no club currently has.

COACHING (Vacant):

(Gavin) Liv had proposed 17th April to EKA as a date for the Level 1 coaching course, but they do not have anyone available to run the course that day so another suitable date is being sought. Having read the previous meeting minutes, one of the clubs from Milton Keynes has expressed interest in sending participants to the course once it has been scheduled in Cambridge. It could be possible to advertise the course to teams from Milton Keynes and Norwich to get higher participation.


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


Referees should be checking and enforcing that all jewellery is removed or taped up prior to matches to avoid injury to the wearer and to other players.


Players so far : Phoenix 0, City 2, Vikings 0. No response so far from Lions, Tigers, or Uni. No volunteers for team manager so far.


The EKA are proposing to move away from membership being based on the number of teams entered into regular competition to an individual membership model. There is an online survey for clubs and areas to complete. The deadline is 2nd May 2016.

Philip has already given some feedback to the EKA on the proposal from a personal perspective. Philip to circulate his notes/response to the committee for information.

Howard to gauge reactions from all clubs and collate responses to complete survey on behalf of the CKA.




Next meeting May/June. This will be the last meeting before the AGM.