CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 30th June 2016, 8.00pm, CRC





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Laura Neaves, Lions)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Adam Twiss, Vikings)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Angela Gibbs, Tigers)


City Rep(s) [Stuart Hatfield]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [Ellen Pearce]

Tigers Rep(s) [✔]

University Rep(s) [Bethany Mason]

Vikings Rep(s) [Martin Brown, Chris Brown]


Angela to investigate if it might be possible to get someone to come and
run the safeguarding and protecting children course locally so that we
might be able to reduce the cost per person by providing a venue. If not
possible, Angela to find a course to attend.
Uni to swap 3 refereeing commitments this season which are out of term
time - done.
Tigers to clarify if there is always an accessible first aid kit at the
Perse – they do.
Clubs to check all their underage forms to make sure the players were
over 13 on the date that they were signed on behalf of the CKA.
Philip to circulate his notes/response on EKA membership consultation to
the committee for information - done.
Howard to gauge reactions from all clubs and collate responses to
complete survey on behalf of the CKA - done.





I sent feedback on the EKA membership consultation on behalf of the CKA
and it's clubs to the EKA and posted this on the forums. I completed the
online survey for the CKA.

Craig Gosling (EKA Chair) and Sam Wells (EKA Finance) from the EKA came
to meet with the CKA and its member clubs on Thursday 5th May, 8 pm at
CRC. The CKA attendees were: Howard Laffling (CKA Chair, Phoenix), Gavin Belsham (CKA Publicity, City Chair), Ed Holt (Uni President), Mark Wassell (CKA Results, Phoenix), Philip Morton (CKA Treasurer, Vikings Chair), Ellen Pearce (Phoenix Chair), Chris West (Tigers).

I sent feedback on the EKA membership proposed actions on behalf of the
CKA and it's clubs to the EKA.

The AGM was held and 52 votes were cast in total (some postal) on the issue of raising fees, the CKA voted against this but the motion was passed.


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


I have updated the fixtures page with the results of the play-offs.
Scroll down to the end. The scorecards are accessible from there. Toby didn't fill in a scorecard for the second match and only Phoenix have provided me with their line-up information. I have asked Tigers for the information but not received it yet.


(Howard) There were insufficient numbers of interested players to enter
team team into the senior inter-areas competition.


Preparations for National Youth Day are well under way. At the time of the meeting 7 referees had volunteered, it would be preferable to have 10. Some names have been put forward for the BBQ/food roles but not for all the slots. Need clubs to confirm their volunteers and ask if there are any more who could help.

Liv has been running an after school club in Over so they will be entering National Youth Day.

There have been lots of entries for the Under 14 National League. Dave Bond has expressed that he is keen to be involved with refereeing the league, which is a great endorsement.

Liv currently has lots of cash from entries, and has not found time to get to bank to deposit it. It was agreed Liv could do an electronic transfer for the funds and use the cash.

There was some difficulty getting the medals for the league paid for. It transpired there was some confusion about where the funding for this came from, but it was covered by the entry fees.

The bookings have been made for next year, there will no further events after National Youth Day until September.

Liv was thanked for all her hard work as Junior Development Officer this season.



(Howard) Ollie Bell (Uni) was practically assessed and is now approved
to referee in the CKL.

COACHING (Vacant):


Nothing to report


(Howard) I did an audit of the junior approval dates compared to birth dates on Fixtures Live. 3 anomalies were identified with Viking players, none of whom it would seem actually played before the age of 13. New approval forms have been completed to correct these anomalies.


Liv is organising a level 1 coaching course for 22 people, at a cost of £45 per person, excluding hall hire. It's proposed that the CKA pay for the £166 hall hire. The course is on Sunday 17th July at CRC.

The attendance has dropped to 18 people so there are now a few spaces available on a first come first served basis.

The cost of the hall needs to be confirmed as there may be some confusion about the rate, regarding whether it is for adults or juniors. We also seek assurance that the course will be charged at £45 per person in attendance, rather than £45 x 22, which was the original booking. Liv to confirm.

The CKA agreed to pay the hall fees, up to £248 - the quote for hall hire might be assuming the junior rather than senior rate.

It was agreed that clubs would pay the per person cost for the course to the CKA, and the CKA would transfer the full cost to the EKA.





(Philip Morton, Vikings) With Adam moving on we are left with no senior coach. We want to move away from the Vikings model of having a single coach (Lee and then Adam) as it gives us a single point of failure to a system where we have a number of people who coach sessions, parts of sessions etc. While these people are getting trained and a bit more experienced we are looking to see if any other clubs have members who could provide a bit of mentoring and maybe take the odd session or members who want to practice their coaching on a different group of players.

Martin reiterated that any offers of help with coaching would be very welcome, please can clubs ask their members/coaches if they can offer.

Vikings have tried to increase the number of players sharing the load of refereeing but their new refs are also either definitely or potentially leaving the area.



What happens if a club enters 2 teams into SERL ? Do we ignore 2nd team
matches ?
What happens if a club withdraws from SERL ? Does SERL status from last season still apply in period 1 ? Do the clubs have 6 or 8 status tied players in status period 1 ?

The SERL status rules needs amending to reflect these possibilities. The proposal is that when playing in a club’s 2nd SERL team, SERL status points will not be accrued. If a club withdraws their 1st SERL team, player status at the start of the next season will be calculated as per the current rule, but only the top 3 players of each gender will be given 1st team status (this is 4 players of each for clubs with a SERL team).

Any borrowed players in SERL 2 (as per new SERL rules) will not accrue SERL status when playing for a club other than their own.

Howard to update wording of SERL status rule for approval at the AGM.



(Megan, MK Lakers' Chair) We are looking to enter a different league next season, our first team plays in SERL2, last season our second team also played in this league. Due to league rules and borrowing players we are not able to enter again this season therefore we are looking for alternative leagues. I was wondering if at all possible we could enter the Cambridge league. We can be flexible with our home games such as moving out to Bedford.

The committee was keen to accommodate Lakers in order to facilitate development and stability for the clubs and it’s members.

It was agreed that Howard propose to Lakers that they enter the first division of the CKA (based on SERL performance record) on the following conditions:
- Cambs teams each travel once to play an away match in MK on a Sunday.
- home match slots of Cambs teams remain unchanged
- Cambs teams will provide referees for all MK Lakers away matches
- MK Lakers will provide referees for all MK Lakers home matches
- Entry would be on a 1 season trial basis with a review at the end of the season.

Howard to respond to Lakers’ email with this proposal and ask for a response in 14 days, in order that this be discussed at the AGM. The response should allow for Lakers to submit an alternative proposal.



Next meeting will be the AGM in July.