CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 22nd November 2016, 8.30pm, CRC





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Vacant)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Adam Twiss, Vikings)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Angela Gibbs, Tigers)


City Rep(s) [Stuart Hatfield]

Lions Rep(s) []

Phoenix Rep(s) [✔]

Tigers Rep(s) [✔]

University Rep(s) [Ed Holt]

Vikings Rep(s) [Martin Brown, Chris Brown]


Philip to check if SERL refund payments were made – checked and the payment has not gone out. Howard to find out where it needs to be sent.


Liv to send next year’s fixtures and final U14 NL results to Howard for the website – the fixtures have been uploaded.


Howard to invite MK Lakers to have a representative added to the CKA Committee email list - done.

Clubs to discuss and confirm if they want to take part in a CKA recruitment week, and what dates would be preferable in January/February – see item 2, Senior Development

Clubs to circulate senior development ideas to their members and request
volunteers who would be interested in doing one of the tasks – some have completed, others have not.


Howard to create a doodle for next year's senior inter area competition - awaiting venue details.


Mark to add senior inter area competition date to the fixtures list – done. It was suggested the Juniors inter area competition should also be added.





Laura resigned as Fixtures Officer. Thanks to Laura for all her efforts.
We need to find a new Fixtures Officer.

Clubs to make all members aware, volunteers to discuss with Howard. The role should not be too strenuous once the fixtures are confirmed. Unfortunately there have been a lot of rearranged matches this season, and communication between clubs has not been as efficient as is necessary for the role to be manageable. It was highlighted that not all fixtures officers at clubs are on the CKA Committee email list, so there is an extra step in communications reaching them in this case.


For this reason, clubs were asked to ensure all relevant parties are aware Laura has stepped down, so that she does not continue to receive fixtures correspondence.


It was suggested a web-form could be used to standardise the information received about rearranged fixtures.

Junior players:
Saif Terywall (Phoenix)
Safi Terywall (Phoenix)
Ella Page (Vikings)
Finn Clark (Vikings)
Phoebe Edwards (Vikings)
Ben Revie (Vikings)
Kaitlyn Brooks (Vikings)
Emma Ede (City)
Natasha Runciman (City)
Tom Runciman (City)
Anna O'Grady (City)
Alfie Maynard (MK Lakers)
Cameron Zinzan (MK Lakers)
Joe Dyson (MK Lakers)
Katie Lewis (Vikings)
Dan Hurst (Tigers)
Eloisa Binfield-Gonzalez (Tigers)
Gracie Lewis (Tigers)
were approved to play in the CKL.


The contact list has been circulated.


Accounts attached. There is another £250 of 2016/17 U14 National League fees to come in from Juniors. City, Lions and Uni are yet to pay their league fees.

The way that clubs pay for juniors’ tournaments has now changed. Philip will invoice clubs after the event, meaning Liv does not have to collect the cash on the day.

There is one ref fine outstanding. It was agreed that the 2 refs who missed fixtures which had not been updated on the website before the rescheduled match took place would not be fined.

Some U14 National League fees have not been paid, but there was a change to the fee due to the late entry of one of the teams and extra hall booking required as a result. Philip will update the accounts with this additional team. The cost of the web domain has also increased, and next years budget will be updated to reflect this.


FIXTURES (vacant):


There is one result, a Phoenix reffing commitment, from several weeks ago which needs to be entered as soon as possible. There was a potential query regarding one of the players which may have contributed to the delay, but as the status period will soon come to end and the status for next period calculated, the result needs to be updated.


(Howard) Carla Bennett (City) has organised 2 senior Cambridgeshire training sessions:
Saturday 12th Nov 9:30-11am (1.5 hours) CRC
and Saturday 3rd Dec 10:30-12pm (1.5 hours) CRC.

The first session was attended by about 15 people and well received.

See item 2.



(Howard) Phoenix are helping prospective Uni referees with some practical refereeing practice at their training sessions.

Ed is hoping to arrange a theory test at the start of next year for those who have been playing for a while. It was noted that other clubs might have members who would wish to take the test. Ed to circulate details once confirmed.


COACHING (Vacant):


Gavin to investigate if Cambridge TV would be amenable to having a feature about korfball, maybe tying in to recruitment week.



It was noted that there were a couple of under 18s at the senior Cambridgeshire training, but that Carla is aware of this and is in the process of having a DBS check anyway.


Living Sport run the local Safeguarding and protecting children courses, this usually takes place at the Meadows Community Centre on Arbury Road. Several people from within CKA clubs have attended their course in the past and found it worthwhile. The normal cost is £40 per person. Angela to investigate whether a custom session could be run, possible at CRC (free/cheap venue), for korfball club members. There is likely to be 4 or 5 people at each club that could benefit from attending, including coaches, CPOs and junior development officers.



It is hoped that with the Seniors training Carla is running, getting a team together for the Inter area competition will be a lot easier.

It was decided that the recruitment week will take place week commencing 6th February. Philip mentioned that a member of Vikings may be able to create a promotional poster, and he will approach her about the possibility of designing this.

Ideally the poster will be relatively simple but include all the days, times and venues of clubs’ senior and junior training, and a link to where further information is available.


Please could each club check that their details on the CKA website Clubs page is up to date.

Mark to update the map on this page with a Google map, so more specific and interactive.



Ed mentioned that clubs from other areas have sent information to the Cambridge Uni team, to try to establish links with players who may be moving to the area. It was suggested that it would be worth considering this if another recruitment week is held in September/October, as graduates might be moving to the Cambridge area to start new jobs.

It was agreed Mark would set up and share an online document with a calendar of local events which could act as promotional opportunities for korfball. Once shared, all clubs and members should be encouraged to update this with details of any events they are aware of.



Next meeting will be in January.


It was questioned whether any action is required by the CKA for players to move from one club to another. There is not, the EKA requires it to be approved in Fixtures Live by both teams involved, no further action is required by the CKA.