CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 31st August 2017, 8.30pm, The Golden Hind, Cambridge





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Carla Bennett, City)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Vacant)


City Rep(s) [Mark Wilson, Simon McGregor]

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) [✔]

Tigers Rep(s) [ ]

University Rep(s) [Sam Galvin]

Vikings Rep(s) [Chris Brown]


Philip to make SERL refund payments - in progress, some complete.


Sam to look into advertising in BUCS (British University and Colleges Sport) promotional bulletins and posting to their Facebook group – the bulletins will come later in the year, the local clubs posted has been posted in the Facebook group this summer by another member. Look to repeat next year.

Mark Wassell to send out referees' ratings of teams at the start of the coming
season – will complete shortly.

Mark Wassell

Gavin to email clubs to gauge demand for a Level 2 coaching course – done, but will chase as response was low.


Tigers to get the Division 3 trophy to Chris – done and passed to Sam for Uni 2.

Howard to update Fixtures Live email forward - done.

Howard to email response to the EKA about Fixtures Live - done.

Philip to investigate. Ely Rugby Club, next door to the Hockey Club (Ely Outdoor Sports Association) for CKA 25th tournament in summer 2018 – to do





I attended the EKA AGM, representing the CKA.


I will send the contact list to club secretaries following the meeting for updates.


Accounts attached. We have had some of the money in for the missing junior tournament and another payment of £140 from Harrow Vultrix. I need to check with Liv if they are entering two teams or have just duplicated the payment. I will call CRC prior to the meeting and hope someone is there this time to chase up the other outstanding payments or get confirmation that they are not going to charge us.

Living sport offer coaching bursaries locally and may be able to contribute funding towards the level 2 course. Philip to investigate.




I have put the status calculation for the 1st period of the new season on the website. Please take a look and let me know of any issues.
In the next few weeks, I will be sending out current player lists to the
clubs for updating.

I have nearly completed the new scorecard web form and the forms for gathering information for pending and changed fixtures.
Also coming out soon will be the referee's rating report for the period 3 of the last season.


Plan to hold first area training session in October and monthly thereafter.



(Howard) Poor turnout with only 3 attending referee test/course despite indications in advance of a significant number of attendees. Sam Galvin (Uni) and Rachel Camina (City) passed, Rachel with merit. Other participant just failed - 3 marks short. Andy Rutter also ran a test and Sian Mawditt passed.
The EKA has been notified of passes and they've recorded them on Fixtures Live.

Sam needs to be practically assessed. Clubs to let Sam know of opportunities for assessment – club matches and friendlies.


COACHING (Vacant):


Contacted Cambridge Independent newspaper, hope to build link with them.



Mark Wilson (City) has kindly volunteered. Mark has completed two DBS checks recently for other voluntary activities and has a sports background too. Mark was co-opted as a member with no objections.

Mark Wilson to look out for a safeguarding course that he is able to attend, the Living sport one is recommended and should have local courses available soon.

Mark Wilson

It was suggested that now would be a good time to re-circulate the EKA child protection and safeguarding policy to clubs and remind them of their obligations and encourage them to be aware of potential issues. Fiona to look for link to policy on EKA website and liaise with Mark over sharing with clubs.



Phoenix have requested funding for 1 person to attend. The course cost is £30 plus travel costs. Phoenix have offered to pay £30 towards travel costs.

It was agreed that £30 per year would be assigned to attendees of the CPD day, to be split by those who declare their interest/attendance by a set deadline. Since no other clubs responded to Howard’s email asking for attendees it was agreed that this year the funds will be given to Phoenix.

Philip to transfer £30 to Phoenix for CPD day.

Attendees may wish to co-ordinate transport to minimize costs.



Tigers have asked if they can have only 1 team in Division 1. There is a precedent for this in 2013/14 when 'City 1' was allowed to be promoted from Division 1 to SERL:
So, 'Tigers 1' could be promoted to SERL, although Tigers' teams would
then be renumbered so T1 was in D1 etc.

It was agreed that Tigers could promote their first team to SERL. Therefore, the following teams have been entered:
City 4 teams + 1 development
Lions 2 teams
MK Lakers have declined to enter.
Phoenix 3 teams
Tigers 4 teams
Uni 2 teams
Vikings 3 teams
Total 19 teams, 4 less than last season.

Options for the league structure are therefore:
Option A
Division 1 : 6 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2
Division 2 : 7 teams : P1, P2, C3, V2, P3, L2, T2
Division 3 : 6 teams : U2, V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

Option B
Division 1 : 6 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2
Division 2 : 6 teams : P1, P2, C3, V2, P3, L2
Division 3 : 7 teams : T2, U2, V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

Option C
Division 1 : 7 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2, P1
Division 2 : 6 teams : P2, C3, V2, P3, L2, T2
Division 3 : 6 teams : U2, V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

Option D
Division 1 : 7 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2, P1
Division 2 : 7 teams : P2, C3, V2, P3, L2, T2, U2
Division 3 : 5 teams : V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

A suggestion for a two division league was also tabled, which gives the additional two options:

Option E
Division 1 : 9 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2, P1, P2, C3
Division 2 : 10 teams : V2, P3, L2, T2, U2, V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

Option F
Division 1 : 10 teams : C1, U1, V1, T1, L1, C2, P1, P2, C3, V2
Division 2 : 9 teams : P3, L2, T2, U2, V3, C4, T3, C5, T4

The main concern regarding the three division structure was a low number of games and reduced variation in opposition. The main concern with the two division structure was the disparity in ability within both divisions which may harm lower teams.

A suggestion was made to enhance option D by scheduling friendly matches for teams in division 3 with the lowest team of clubs not represented in the division (Lions, Phoenix and Uni). There was some debate about how this could be achieved, without creating development teams and incurring associated fees. It was agreed that a ‘Development Cup’ would be advantageous in providing different opponents for division 3 teams, and offering new players at the other clubs opportunity for development games. Sam highlighted that Uni’s fixtures are already tightly packed in, considering the short terms and the addition of BUCS tournaments, however they would in principle be willing to participate. It was highlighted that if a match day for the cup could be scheduled for October, it could act as a good hook for new recruits to Uni following freshers week free sessions.

All present club representatives were happy with league structure option D, with the caveat that there is a view to arrange a ‘Development Cup’ for the lowest team in each club; this was unanimously agreed.

Kevin to implement league structure



Deadline for all responses is the 24th September 2017, 12pm.
- The current England Korfball vision is to ‘inspire thousands of new and existing participants to enjoy and grow korfball on their doorstep’ Is this vision fit for purpose for England Korfball for the next 5 years?
- Our work should be guided by and informed by our beliefs and commitments to our values. The values are currently identified as:
pride, inclusivity, professionalism, teamwork, integrity, passion.

Are the current England Korfball values the right ones to be at the heart of the organisation for the next 5 years?
- The 2012-16 strategy identified priorities under the following headings:-
* Participation
* Clubs and national coverage
* Workforce
* Governance and structure
* Grow our revenues
- We appreciate that in an ideal world, you may wish to see all these areas progressed during the next 5 years. However, please tick up to 3 areas which are the highest priority for you:
* support and grow existing clubs
* support the development of new clubs
* support korfball in schools and colleges
* support the development of korfball in universities and other further/higher education institutes
* develop the coaching workforce
* develop referees and pathways for other officials
* invest in achieving international success from our elite squads
* promote korfball to the wider public
* increase revenues into the sport
* enhance member services, including personalised web content
* embed good governance and processes throughout the organisation
- Please highlight any other areas that you think should be prioritized for progress between 2017-21
- Is there anything you would like to see England Korfball do less of?
- What, specifically, would make the biggest difference to the sustainability/growth of participation in your club/korfball in your local area?
- What would you most like to see England Korfball do as a National Governing Body?

The group discussed the consultation and agreed;

The vision and values of the organisation are fine as they are

The three priorities progress should be:

* support korfball in schools and colleges
* develop the coaching workforce
*develop referees and pathways for other officials
There should be less focus on web content. Focus on grassroots development is more important to us that focus on the international elite. The focus on korfball in schools is most important to us as we think this will have biggest impact on beginners take up of the sport.

An increase in the ‘workforce’ (volunteers) and reduction in the workload to existing volunteers would make the biggest difference to the sustainability of korfball in the area. Must avoid burn out of existing volunteers.

Would like to see continually improved co-operation and engagement with clubs and areas. This consultation is a good example and we are glad to have had this input. More opportunities like this for feedback would be welcome.

Howard to reply to consultation on behalf of the CKA.



The senior development targets were discussed.

The google doc of events in Cambridgeshire is likely to be useful in the coming months and future years. Members are reminded to add any relevant dates to the document.

Coordinate a recruitment week event across all CKA clubs – week commencing 18th September agreed. Clubs to promote.


CKA's 25th. In 2018, the CKA will be 25 years old. This will be marked with a tournament or public event. With an appropriate venue the tournament could be combined with an evening social allowing attendance at either or both. Ideally there would be the option to camp to allow visiting teams to more easily attend the social. Cambridge Rugby Club was suggested as a venue that had been used in the past. A tournament has also been held previously at the Paradise Centre, Ely. Philip suggested Ely Rugby Club, next door to the Hockey Club (Ely Outdoor Sports Association). Philip to investigate.


It was suggested that an over 50s (or similar) exhibition match could be arranged to showcase korfball as a way to get active and demonstrate fair and equal play for more mature participants. Living sport have targets regarding older age groups and may be interested in collaborating.

Carla to investigate an over 50s match.


Mark Wassell to provide data on player ages from Fixtures Live.

Mark Wassell


November, TBC.