CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 7th February 2018, 7.30pm, Cambridge Regional College





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Carla Bennett, City)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Mark Wilson, City)


City Rep(s) []

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) [✔]

Tigers Rep(s) [Steve Clarke]

University Rep(s) [ ]

Vikings Rep(s) [Chris Brown, Martin Brown]


Philip to make SERL refund payments - in progress, some complete.


Mark Wassell to send out referees' ratings of teams at the start of the coming
season - complete.

Gavin to email clubs to gauge demand for a Level 2 coaching course – more responses have been received including interest in a conversion course for BKA L2 to EKA L2. Gavin is in discussion with the EKA over minimum numbers and logistics.


Philip to investigate Ely Rugby Club, next door to the Hockey Club (Ely

Outdoor Sports Association) for CKA 25th tournament in summer 2018 - looks like available - no cost or details confirmed.


Philip to investigate Living sport local coaching bursaries towards the

level 2 course – done. Unable to contribute to general cost, can only award bursaries to individuals.

Kevin to investigate development team matches suitable for a refereeing
assessment of Sam Galvin - match identified, but rescheduled due to
snow. Assessment by Dom McDonald, now scheduled for at C5 vs T5, Sunday

18th February, 4pm at Hills Road.

Mark Wilson to look out for a safeguarding course that he is able to

attend, the Living sport one is recommended - done, course attended

Fiona to look for link to Child Protection policy on EKA website and liaise with Mark Wilson over sharing with clubs – done, Mark shared details with clubs.

Carla to investigate an over 50s match - done, messages sent to club to gauge interest. Also contacted Norwich as a potential opposition team.

Philip to process Harrow U14 NL refund


Fiona to liaise with Hanna Winsbury to get authorised to DBS identity
checks – enquiry sent but no response yet (sent very recently)


Sam to organise referee theory test - done: Tuesday 27th February, 7.45pm,

Howard to email clubs about Development Cup - done, no major movements made to initiate. Seems unlikely to take off at this point in the season.




Conference call with Ellen Pearce from EKA and area chairpersons.
Discussed 'draft background strategy paper' which included vision, mission, values and working together in the future.
Junior players:
Sam Martin (Tigers)
Oscar Haines (Tigers)
Ollie Francis (Tigers)
were approved to play in the CKL.
City and Tigers were endorsed by the CKA to play in the promo/national


Nothing to report


Accounts attached. We are still waiting for affiliation fees from a couple of clubs and there are some U14NL payments still to come. I'll sort out a 'who owes what' list in the next couple of days and contact the appropriate people. I know some treasurers have been 'unavailable' for some time over the holidays and so there will be some catching up to do.


Nothing to report


Nothing to report.


Senior Cambridgeshire training:
Saturday 16th December, 1-2pm at CRC : 8 attended

Saturday 3rd February, 10-11am at CRC : 13 attended
Saturday 17th March, 11-12pm at CRC
Saturday 14th April, 11-12pm at CRC
Saturday 28th April, 10-12pm at CRC
Tuesday 15th May, 9-10pm potential friendly vs City (selected team only)

Veterans match:
I am looking to organise a veterans match or two before the end of the season. By veterans I am suggesting either over 50 years and even over 60 - this will depend on interest and uptake. The idea is to bring together our more experienced players across Cambridge and getting them to play each other and even potentially another area. At the moment I have no idea how many players would qualify for this type of game and how many would be interested. With that in mind I was wondering if you might be able to forward on this email to anyone potentially in that category and ask them to contact me with their name, age and number of years playing korfball so I can see what we can put together. Please reiterate to members that the Seniors training is open to all players and encourage them to attend.



All age groups were represented at inter-area and did well (exact results not to hand).

(Carla) - England U15 squad are training in Cambridge on 10th February with local U15s squad, and will play two mixed matches.

(Fiona) - attended one of two EKA conference call on Junior Development and Liv attended the other call.


(Howard) Theory test ran by Martin Brown in November had been superseded in September, but we were not informed of this by the EKA Referees Sub-Committee (RSC) before the test and so the EKA RSC are not recognising the results. Of those not already 'CKA approved', Jackie Smith and Chris Rhodes passed. I spoke to Ellen Pearce at the EKA about issues with referee theory tests. Need to ask EKA RSC for the latest test.
Ross Thomson now 'CKA approved' - passed theory in Scotland, result provided by SKA by email. Chris West did a practical assessment.

COACHING (Vacant):


There was a short article in the Ely Standard but not sure of the source. There was a national coverage of the sport in a junior magazine.


Email with England Korfball policies link sent to all clubs

Attended Safeguarding course 10th January.

Next courses are:

7th March 2018 – Lakeside Lodge Golf Centre, Pidley, Huntingdon, PE28 3DF

26th April 2018 – Meadows Community Centre, Cambridge, CB4 3 XJ

16th May 2018 – Vivacity Leisure Centre, Peterborough, PE7 8GL

21st June 2018 – Meadows Community Centre, Cambridge, CB4 3 XJ

12th July 2018 – Lakeside Lodge Golf Centre, Pidley, Huntingdon, PE28 3DF

5th September 2018 – Vivacity Leisure Centre, Peterborough, PE7 8GL

11th October 2018 – Meadows Community Centre, Cambridge, CB4 3 XJ

6th November 2018 – Vivacity Leisure Centre, Peterborough, PE7 8GL

If none of these dates are suitable, we can arrange a bespoke workshop for your club or organisation.

To book, please visit their online booking system

or for more information contact Jayne Thacker on 01487 841559 or email


The senior development targets were discussed.

The google doc of events in Cambridgeshire is likely to be useful in the coming months and future years. Members are reminded to add any relevant dates to the document.

Coordinate a recruitment week event across all CKA clubs – clubs are not doing much active recruitment at the moment. City have an influx and juniors and membership is high, Vikings are in limbo with hall availability. No new recruitment week date required at present.

CKA's 25th. In 2018, the CKA will be 25 years old. This will be marked with a tournament or public event. Martin has looked into possible convenient dates, taking into account other tournaments in this area of the country and external events such as the world cup. Martin to circulate his suggestions/findings.


It was suggested that an over 50s (or similar) exhibition match could be arranged to showcase korfball as a way to get active and demonstrate fair and equal play for more mature participants. Discussed above.


Mid-March - TBC