CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 7th June 2018, 8pm, Cambridge Regional College





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix)

Senior Development (Carla Bennett, City)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Mark Wilson, City)


City Rep(s) []

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) []

Tigers Rep(s) [ ]

University Rep(s) [ ]

Vikings Rep(s) []


Philip to make SERL refund payments – Norwich Knights and KV done, Howard needs to approve. In contact with Tornadoes, has contact for Tigers. 2 non responders


Gavin to email clubs to gauge demand for a Level 2 coaching course. We were waiting to hear back from EKA about running a local conversion course for BKA to EKA qualifications – this cannot be done. Could only do it as a day of a full L2 course. Howard to email local areas to see if there is demand to join up for a course


Fiona to liaise with Hanna Winsbury to get authorised to DBS identity checks – still to do.


Howard to create a referee's match procedures checklist place-holder document - still to do.


Howard to inform clubs and referees that Fixtures Live pitch side lists can be accepted instead of junior approval forms - still to do, although season now finished to just before the next season may be more useful.


Howard to add to increasing fine for missing a referee commitment to cover the Perse Hall costs to the AGM agenda - to do.

City to investigate supporting St Matthews School with National Schools Championship. The school wanted their team coach to provide the coaching on the day, so that went ahead instead.

Kevin to allocated next season's U14 NL fixtures to clubs with input
from Liv – to do next season when fixtures set.


Howard to contact clubs and EKA to ask for qualifications of local coaches - contacted EKA, but they weren't forthcoming with any information.

Philip to pay Liv for National Schools Championship certificates - done.

Howard to include GDPR on agenda for next meeting - done.




An issue came to light, whereby a couple of players were transferred from other clubs to Tigers after 31st January and subsequently played for Tigers 2 and Tigers 1. Tigers conceded that playing these players infringed the CKL rules, although Tigers were not aware of this and it was unintentional.
City 3 vs Tigers 2 16-7 result stands, as it's better than a 7-0 walkover
City 2 vs Tigers 1 (15-13) is now a 10-0 walkover to City 2
Tigers 1 vs City 1 (18-15) is now a 0-10 walkover to City 1
This resulted in Tigers 1 being in the Division 1/Division 2 play-off, instead of Lions 1, playing against City 3.

There was some discussion about this transfer rule. Agreed that unfortunate in this case as it was unintentional,but the rule is in place for valid possibilities. Difficult to distinguish and verify people having moved. There is a big effect of having elite players turn up for short periods or at the end of the season, on teammates and opponents. Could we have a rule to allow us to approve it in individual circumstances? Hard to make impartial differentiation so safer to leave it as it is.
Discussion about potential league structure for next season. Lots of options but too soon to say what will work best, will wait to see the team entries. Input from clubs and consideration of logistics and organisation will come into play. Discussion of 2 divisions vs 3 divisions. This may affect the number of teams clubs would enter. Could look into speculative entries in either scenario and present options to clubs. Decided to wait to see what entries clubs declare.

Jamie Cranwell from Lions has offered his design skill services e.g. posters, logos etc. to the CKA and its clubs. Thanks to Jamie for this offer.


Nothing to report.


Accounts attached. CRC invoice needs clarifying for hall booking for play off. 19th May juniors tournaments invoice to go out and any outstanding payments to be chased. Phil will invoice City and Tigers for half of the play-off invoice once sorted.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Senior Inter-area team came 4th. Agreed this was a very good result. It was a good day and those involved enjoyed it. Thanks for Carla for successfully arranging this.


U14 NL entries requested. National Youth Day on 8th July in Norwich.

REFEREEING (vacant):

Alex Zens assessed at Senior Inter Area for R award. Believe she passed, need to make sure this is recorded on Fixtures Live.


Question over shot clock operators, supposed to accredited, City need them for next season. Unsure where this accreditation is recorded. It appears as though it might be managed by the Competitions Sub Committee. Howard to ask what is the accreditation process, who can accredit and where accreditation is recorded.


COACHING (Vacant):


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


EKA have some info on website. Phil M has asked specifically who is responsible for the information on Fixtures Live. We think; if you collect it you are responsible for it, you should tell the data subject that you will share this info with fixtures live and why. Unclear on what is the minimum requirement needed for the fixtures live record. For example is there a legitimate basis for holding the address? Also a question over length of time data is retained. Philip to feedback if a response is received from the EKA.

CKA - committee contacts on the website - all legitimate.


Contact list - the purpose is for everyone’s benefit, the use dictates it is accessible and public. But do all of those listed need to be included? Maybe not, maybe just TMs and referees, or whatever the club chooses to declare. Fiona (or Secretary) to consider when reviewing contact list for next year.


Clubs’ financial details? Not individual so not covered by GDPR.

Referee score card? Names and U18s - age group. U18 is not displayed on the website but it is held in the background files. Also the database that Mark holds which is backed up on the web server.

Under age player form - sometimes sent by email, and paperwork is a bit of a risk for breach. Could we just rely on fixtures live list? Relies on the EKA but they look into underage players anyway so this might be the way forward. Provided the referees can check, and verification can be done at results stage this system would work. Consider if there should be a change of process.


Junior photo permissions - for clubs - try and get permission from both parent and child written. Just parent consent for older children is not enough.

There is now an EKA GDPR policy, which all clubs should comply with.



Seeking to clarify what the fine for a referee missing a match should be, so that difference in hall cost is taken into account. Multiple options were discussed but it was agreed that the fine should be ‘£45 or the total cost of the hall hire if greater then £45’. This means the cost is not increased across the board unnecessarily, but means there is no deficit that the CKA has to cover.


CKA 25th tournament cancelled due to lack of entries by the discounted entry deadline - the last date we could cancel the venue booking without charge. This was unfortunate. Howard deleted all promo quietly, so as not to discredit future efforts. Competing with well-established tournaments, not so much culture in the Cam clubs now to attend tournaments. Demographic of the league has changed so not surprising. Could have an informal turn up and play day with pub trip afterwards. Gavin to ask City social sec to consider organising.


Coordinate a recruitment week event across all CKA clubs before next season?


AGM- July.