CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 4th September 2018, 8pm, Cambridge Regional College





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Vacant)

Senior Development (Chris Brown, Vikings)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Mark Wilson, City)


City Rep(s) [Stuart Hatfield, Simon McGregor]

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) [Mark Wassell]

Tigers Rep(s) [Steve Clarke, Jenny Pillinger, Ross Thomson]

University Rep(s) [Sam Galvin]

Vikings Rep(s) []


Philip to make SERL refund payments – decided at AGM to absorb remaining refunds into CKA funds - remove from actions list.

Fiona to liaise with Hanna Winsbury to get authorised to DBS identity checks – has chased, no response, will chase again.


Howard to create a referee's match procedures checklist place-holder document - still to do.


Howard to inform clubs and referees that Fixtures Live pitch side lists can be accepted instead of junior approval forms - still to do, although season now finished to just before the next season may be more useful.


Howard to add to increasing fine for missing a referee commitment to cover the Perse Hall costs to the AGM agenda - done.

Kevin to allocated next season's U14 NL fixtures to clubs with input
from Liv – Liv suggested this would not be effective and a different approach will be adopted.

Howard to contact clubs to ask for qualifications of local coaches - still to do


Howard to make sure Alex Zens R level refereeing assessment recorded on Fixtures Live - delayed until next season.


Howard to ask EKA about shot clock accreditation process and where accreditation is recorded - still to do.


Philip to ask EKA who is responsible for data entered into Fixtures Live


Fiona to consider GDPR when revising contact list - done, see below.

Gavin to ask City social secretary to consider organising a turn up and play day followed by pub social - not done, might be too late now.

Phoenix to send Liv child protection policy - done.

Mark Wilson to consider CKA CPO meeting or group email to check up on all policies and their implementation - still to do

Mark Wilson

Fiona to create an online survey asking what people’s view of the current roles are and what they would like those roles to provide ideally - see report below.




Website domain name up for renewal. Costs has increased to £20 (+VAT) for 2 years.


I have drafted a survey regarding the CKA roles (link has been circulated).

Feedback was to include questions as follows; which club do you play for; about the CKA in general and what they are doing/not doing; how likely are you to consider being involved with the committee/area level organisation; optional email input for follow up.

Fiona to implement changes and circulate to clubs.


Suggested review of the CKA contact list and which details need to be
circulated to other clubs:
Chairperson [Keep]
Secretary [Keep]
Treasurer [? - is this needed by clubs or just CKA Treasurer?]
Fixtures secretary(/ies) [Keep]
Team Captains [Keep - needed match days]
Senior Development Officer [? - is this needed by clubs or just CKA?]
Junior Development Officer [? - is this needed by clubs or just CKA
junior dev officer?]
Referee Co-ordinator [Keep]
Referees [Keep - needed match days]
Coaches [? remove?]
Social Sec [Keep]
CPO [Keep]
Publicity [? - is this needed by clubs or just CKA?]

Agreed that all are helpful to have and as long as individuals are aware that their contact details are available to others. Clubs should ensure this.

Fiona to circulate contact list for 2018/19 update.



We have paid all amounts relating to last season. We have not received invoices for use of the CRC classroom but will settle these if they do arrive.

There was a query over whether City have paid for the play-offs, this is not recorded on the accounts. Phil to check and either chase City or update the accounts sheet.



Nothing to report.

RESULTS (vacant):

Mark Wassell will calculate status for period one. See item below.


Nothing to report.


Preparations have been made for next season. Liv will send details for the website to Howard.


Please can clubs reiterate again to members the plea for other coaches to be involved with area youth training. Currently only Tigers are represented in the coaching team. There are 8 teams entered in U14 National League which is great but means there will be more refereeing commitments. It is often a struggle to find referees. Please can clubs also share these dates with their referees and encourage them to volunteer.


REFEREEING (vacant):

Need to consider short term action to continue to develop referees in the area. Howard to consider scheduling another test.


Howard to email the referee list to request volunteers to act as referee mentors. The details will be shared with referees in training.


COACHING (Vacant):

There are Level 1 and Level 2 courses coming up in Harrow.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


We need a results officer to help administer the CKL. We could consider delaying the start of the CKL until the post is filled.

Mark outlined the tasks involved with the post. It was agreed that the work involved is significant and technical, it is unlikely that anyone could be found to take over the role in its current form. There was a discussion about whether fixtures live could be solely used instead. It does not calculate status so it is likely a different system would be needed. The benefit of the current system is that it has been developed over time with all clubs in agreement and is non subjective.

It was agreed the current Results Officer role is unsustainable, but that an alternative cannot be agreed on in the short time before the season starts. An alternative needs to be considered for next season. Howard to include on future agendas and enquire with other areas about alternative status/team restriction systems. Ross offered to contact the Scottish Korfball Association and Phil offered to contact the South West Korfball Association.

For this season Mark will continue to perform the technical tasks, Steve Clarke kindly volunteered to assist with the more administrative tasks. Thanks to them both.



The following teams have been entered:
City 5 teams (possibly 6 if 3 divisions)
Lions 2 teams
Phoenix 3 teams
Tigers 4 teams
Uni 2 teams
Vikings 3 teams
Total 19 (possibly 20) teams, same as last season.

Option A (same as last season)
Division 1 : 7 teams : C1, V1, C2, P1, L1, P2, C3 12 matches per team
Division 2 : 7 teams : T1, U1, P3, V2, T2, L2, T3 12 matches per team
Division 3 : 5 (6) teams : U2, C4, V3, T4, C5 (, C6) 8 (10) [or 12
(15)] matches per team
Total 42 + 42 + 20 (30) [or 30 (45)] = 104 (114) [or 114 (129)] matches

Option B
Division 1 : 7 teams : C1, V1, C2, P1, L1, P2, C3 12 matches per team
Division 2 : 6 teams : T1, U1, P3, V2, T2, L2 10 matches per team
Division 3 : 6 (7) teams : T3, U2, C4, V3, T4, C5 (, C6) 10 (12) [or 14
(18)] matches per team
Total 42 + 30 + 30 (42) [or 45(63)] = 102 (114) [or 117 (135)] matches

Option C
Division 1 : 10 teams : C1, V1, C2, P1, L1, P2, C3, T1, U1, P3 18
matches per team
Division 2 : 9 teams : V2, T2, L2, T3, U2, C4, V3, T4, C5 16 matches
per team
Total 90 + 72 = 162 matches

Option D
Division 1 : 9 teams : C1, V1, C2, P1, L1, P2, C3, T1, U1 16 matches
per team
Division 2 : 10 teams : P3, V2, T2, L2, T3, U2, C4, V3, T4, C5 18
matches per team
Total 90 + 72 = 162 matches

Option E

Division 1: 9 teams: C1, V1, C2, P1, L1, P2, C3, T1, U1 - 16 matches per team
Division 2: 5 teams: P3, V2, T2, L2, T3 - 13 matches per team
Division 3: 5 teams: U2, C4, V3, T4, C5 - 13 matches per team

Division 2 and 3 play teams in their division twice and the other division once.

Total of 72 + 65 matches = 137 matches

Concern was expressed about the refereeing commitment involved with a two division structure and increase in matches. It was highlighted that the number of games is not too dissimilar to seasons prior to 2017-18 and that commitments could be eased with double headers. More games also present more opportunities for new, developing referees to practice.

Everyone agreed to discount options A and B.

Phoenix requested that option C be discounted to avoid all 3 of their teams being in division 1. It was agreed to discount option C.

The pros and cons of options D and E were discussed. This included the difficulty of scheduling more matches for Uni within term time, the continued concern for non-development team game time in a three division system, challenging admin and scheduling for option E.

A vote was held, there were 6 votes for D and 3 for E, no abstentions. Therefore option D was agreed as the structure for the 2018/19 season.


(Liv) Jenny Pillinger is requesting equipment to start an after school club at Fulbourn Primary School. I would like to discuss how the CKA may help her with this, and a model for future requests.

There was discussion about possible models for support and a reminder of lessons to be learnt from previous endeavours regarding keeping track of equipment.

The junior development budget can be used for this purpose. Ideally funds used to buy equipment would be recouped over time, it was acknowledged that success is not guaranteed and therefore this could take significant time. If school clubs are acting as feeders to korfball club, and the club can afford to contribute they should, if the creation of the club is beneficial to them.

Liv and Jenny will make arrangements for the club Fulbourn but this is a useful discussion to bear in mind in the case of future requests.


Coordinate a recruitment week event across all CKA clubs before next season? Nothing in the pipeline, no demand amongst clubs.


Philip is attending the CPD Day and has applied for contribution towards travel. It was agreed to award Philip the £30 from the budget.


Philip highlighted that the EKA competitions subcommittee are still unhappy about players who play for two clubs in different leagues.

Steve would like to discuss the situation regarding player transfers, restrictions on playing in the league and exceptional circumstances. Howard to include on next agenda.


Gavin will be travelling from December for 9 months so will unable to fulfil his CKA role during that time.