CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday 13th May 2019, 7.00pm, Cambridge Regional College





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hill, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix )

Senior Development (Chris Brown, Vikings)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Gavin Belsham, City)

CPO (Mark Wilson, City)


City Rep(s) [ ]

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) []

Tigers Rep(s) [Ross Thomson]

University Rep(s) [ ]

Vikings Rep(s) []


Mark Wilson to consider CKA CPO meeting or group email to check up
on all policies and their implementation - still to do.

Mark Wilson

Howard to create a GDPR policy for the CKA - still to do.


Mark Wassell to check with Phoenix committee about lending poles and bases – done and agreed this is fine

Howard to add rule addition about League Sub-committee and conflict of
interest to AGM agenda





Attended EKA AGM.


Nothing to report


Accounts attached. Various outstanding payments have been chased up including U14s national league fees, via Liv, and junior tournament and inter-area payments.


(Howard) Division 1 / Division 2 Play-off
Uni 1 vs Vikings 2
Sunday 9th June, 2.30pm, CRC
Referee still required.


All of the results from the league matches are in.


(Howard) Insufficient players to enter a team for Senior Inter-Area.
Replied to EKA, explaining reason, that there were more CKL matches this season than last, so increased korfball fatigue towards the end of the season, and suggesting that they may be more interest if it was a pre-season warm up event in September.

The question was raised whether there was any possibility of a repeat of the veterans’ match which took place between Cambridgeshire and Norwich last year. In case Norwich would like to host it this year, Phil suggested that he would get in touch with Carla Bennett, who arranged it last year and is now based in Norwich.



(Howard) 2 baskets and 2 post adaptors purchased for Joe Stirling to run a club at Comberton secondary school. Phoenix to lend poles and bases. The kit for Joe has been paid for, not sure if they have arrived yet. The posts need some modification which Howard could do. Transporting them is difficult because they are one piece, not collapsible. Phil can potentially help with this. Need to keep an accurate record/receipt to document where equipment is. This should go in accounts so not lost.


Inter area - had a refund - partly for U19s which was cancelled, the rest is returning the bond for providing refs at inter area.

Liv - done all the CRC bookings for next year. Not possible to get any slots other than midday onwards for tournaments, as was requested in feedback from clubs. Will confirm that hall fees are not changing.

U14s was mixed this year - quite a few cancelled games, particularly from Harrow which is difficult and impacts on the league. Academy and U16s etc - attendance has been mixed, numbers are declining and it might be cause for concern.

Schools competition, EKA linked competition for play off at the copper box - next Tues, have got 10 teams - but only from 4 schools. 4-6pm at Milton Road - volunteers needed.

Phil - Vikings are working on a small school tournament in Ely to strengthen links and try to generate enough interest for an U11s team for next year.

Liv - we really need an injection of time and cash to try and get korfball into schools sustainably to normalise it.

REFEREEING (vacant):

Nothing to report

COACHING (Vacant):

There is a Level 2 course in Manchester. There is a level 3 course in Norwich coming up too, Liv is hoping to attend level 3 and would like to seek funding from CKA towards this as much of her coaching benefits the whole area.

£260 total cost - CKA will match Tigers funding (i.e. up to £130). Tigers to claim from CKA.



Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


EKA companies tournament email - Phoenix are running a tournament with some funding from EKA for the hall hire.


(Howard) Mark did some analysis of player status this season if rules were based upon starting line ups and subs, as is recorded by Fixtures Live, rather than match time recorded by the CKA results system. Status calculation with 8 points (4 for 2nd team) for being on court at the start and 4 points (2) for being on the bench at the start.
There isn't a big change across all clubs; it is at most one player per club that moves in or out of status. Discussion seemed to conclude that going forward there are two options: Option 1 - abandon current system and someone can do the calculations in excel based on the Fixtures Live data, Option 2 - make the current system more hand-over-able so someone else other than Mark (who knows python) can manage to use it.


Tigers would like the numbering of their teams in the CKL to reflect the ranking within their full range of teams, including National League and SERL, i.e. they would like the team currently called ‘Tigers 1’ in CKL to be renamed ‘Tigers 3’ (Tigers 1=National League team, Tigers 2=SERL team) etc. It was agreed this could be put in place next season, with a caveat that the status rules are updated to specify that they apply to the highest team in the league, rather than the ‘first team’. Howard to amend wording for AGM approval, Kevin and Mark (or Chair, Fixtures and Results Officers 2019/20) to amend Fixtures and Results systems.

Howard, Kevin, Mark Wassell

It was suggested that City could/should do this too. Howard to check if they want to.



Next meeting will be the AGM in July