CKA Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 5th September 2019, 8.00pm, Cambridge Regional College





Chairman (Howard Laffling, Phoenix)

Secretary (Fiona Hall, Phoenix)

Treasurer (Philip Morton, Vikings)

Fixtures (Kevin McGuinness, Tigers)

Results (Mark Wassell, Phoenix )

Senior Development (Vacant)

Junior Development (Liv Harcourt, Tigers)

Refereeing (Vacant)

Coaching (Vacant)

Publicity (Chris Jones, City)

CPO (Mark Wilson, City)


City Rep(s) [ ]

Lions Rep(s) [ ]

Phoenix Rep(s) []

Tigers Rep(s) [ ]

University Rep(s) [Annalie Barker]

Vikings Rep(s) [Chris Brown, Martin Brown]


Mark Wilson to consider CKA CPO meeting or group email to check up
on all policies and their implementation - still to do.

Mark Wilson

Howard to create a GDPR policy for the CKA - still to do.


Howard to add rule addition about League Sub-committee and conflict of
interest to AGM agenda- done

Phil to get in touch with Carla Bennett about veteran's match - still to do.

Phil/Howard to sort out transport of poles for Joe Stirling for club at Comberton secondary school - done. Poles now 2 in pieces. Howard has the 2 poles and 2 bases. Liv has the 2 baskets - they are ready for Joe. Liv to get in touch with Joe to try to arrange delivery.


Phil to keep record/receipt in account to document where equipment is - TBC

Tigers/Liv to claim £130 from CKA for level 3 course - done.

Howard to propose CKL rule changes At AGM to cope with Tigers renaming teams- done.

Kevin and Mark to amend Fixtures and Results systems.

Howard to check if City want to rename their teams - no, happy to keep as they are.




Nothing to report.


I will circulate the contact list for updates soon so can clubs ensure any changes are made before the start of the season.


Accounts attached. We are still waiting for the play-off money from Uni - Annalie to ask if possible to have this signed off by previous treasurer.

I have email traffic confirming that the invoice has been passed to the new treasurer for action. We have had no response from CRC to the email I sent asking about a missing invoice.



Aim to start season Sunday 29th September, but might squeeze in a club derby or two on weekend of Sunday 22nd.

Kevin will send out first draft within the week. Some clubs don’t have home availability in September so this might influence the first few fixtures.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


7 teams have entered U14 NL. Will have the final number confirmed by Thursday (was hoping for 8). 3 new teams - Tornadoes, Kingfisher and Norwich City. Phoenix are not entering this season and MK have also dropped out. Still to hear from Bearsted and Harrow. Looking to formalise communication between Phil and the teams so that we can ensure people pay promptly.

Half of the teams from last season have not entered, but three new teams have entered. Good to have new teams involved. Need to keep track of cancellations, and check CRC rates so can send out costs etc. Concern about refereeing, only 3 Cambridge teams entered but fewer matches.

REFEREEING (vacant):

Uni - refs in training is a priority. Idea to try and get everyone to sit the theory test and go from there. Try to arrange an evening before Christmas. Annalie to look into possible dates.


COACHING (Vacant):

Phoenix are hoping to have someone go on the Level 1 course in Norwich, if anyone else is going get in touch about sharing transport. 2 people from City working on the Level 2 course.


Started the Facebook page, and twitter is active, once the season starts should have some more content. Do clubs have a designated person or a few people responsible? Be good to be in touch with club people. Adrian at Tigers, Lucy at Vikings both very good at theirs. Clubs to let Chris know if there publicity person/people who would like to be involved in discussions. Starting generating ideas to try and use media opportunities to have an impact.


Nothing to report.


The team entries are the same as last season:

City 5

Lions 2

Phoenix 3

Tigers 4

Uni 2

Vikings 3

so, the proposal will be to keep the same league structure as last season i.e. 2 divisions:

Division 1 : C1, T3[T1], L1, V1, P1, C2, C3, T4[T2], V2

Division 2 : U1, P2, T5[T3], T6[T4], C4, P3, L2, U2, V3, C5

Tigers are renumbering their teams so T1 -> T3, T2 -> T4, T3 -> T5 and T4 -> T6.

Question over whether to move to ten teams in Div 1 and nine teams in Div 2? Discussed, biggest impact is on U1, pros and cons for either division, having lost a lot of players going into this year think it will be best to stay in Div 2.

Should we set the date for the play off now? Does it need to be neutral venue - yes, still in the rules. Should try to be more organised so less chaotic to organise. Plan to look at the situation at end of status period two what the possible outcomes might be, and options for dates and venues.


Next meeting will be the AGM in November