CKA Meeting Minutes

<Wednesday 25th January 7.30PM>







Chairman (Ian Birch-Machin)




Secretary (Laura Neaves)




Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)




League (Nick Armitage)




Fixtures (Howard Laffling)




Juniors (Liv Armitage)




CPO ()




Publicity (Lisa Clatworthy)




Development ()       




Refereeing (Andy Rutter)




Coaching (Lee Matthews)            





City Rep                                           [Rick Baldwin                            ]

Phoenix Rep                                       [                                            ]

Lions Rep                                          [Nick Evans                                ]

Tigers Rep                                         [Apology sent from Alex Bevan         ]

University Rep                                      [Lucy Martin                                ]


CHAIRMAN:                                                                 ACTIONS?


Ian highlighted the recent problems with the cancelled fixtures due to referees not turning up.  It was noted that the rules may have been misinterpreted and that the 2 affected games (City 1 v Tigers 2 and Phoenix 1 v Lions 1) can be rearranged for a date agreeable by both teams as per the league rules.  The home club is to suggest 3 dates to the away team and if these can not be agreed on then the fixtures officer has the final say. 




TREASURER:                                                                         ACTIONS?


Accounts attached


Corinne mentioned that having read the rules, if a fixture is not played due to the ref not turning up, the ref’s team is fined £40 not £10, and the home team can claim for their court fees to be reimbursed.










Nothing much to report - there have been a few fixtures changes so people need to make sure they check the latest fixtures spreadsheet and/or the web site.


Rick asked what the rules were with reference to Andy’s email to ref’s possibly canceling games due to condensation on the floor at Kelsey Kerridge.  It was agreed that the game should be rearranged with no penalty to the home team.










Andy mentioned that there have been 5 missed refereeing commitments, 2 have led to the game being rearranged.  He has sent a plea to all clubs to keep on top of their commitments. 


Proposals for a new deterrent (fines or points deductions) will need to be put forward at the next AGM.





Lee is arranging the next stage of the Level 2 course. 


He would like to know whether there is a need for another Level 1 course.  Clubs to let Lee know if interested.












Only positive interest from City and Lions for the proposed publicity match.
Howard gave lots of criticism. Unless the committee feels otherwise I will therefore not pursue the idea further.
Have started putting news on the website, but Scott will need to feed back about hits.
Does anyone have any news they want publicising? I'm particularly thinking of the BKA mag here; I don't know the next deadline offhand


The committee does think the publicity match is a good idea, and club members agreed to approach club members again,  it was thought that there may be a shortage in eligible female players over 35, so it may be an idea to lower the age limit to 30.


Lisa to contact Scott directly about the website hits.





Nick Evans introduced himself gave his background in Child Protection and his ideas for going forward as CKA CPO.


Ian outlined the main aspects of the position and what the CKA is looking for. 


Nick was voted onto the committee unanimously.


Ian and Rick passed on some CPO paperwork that they held.







1. Howard - Follow up on last month's decision of the CKA summer tournament date. We need to publicise this everywhere and anywhere and soon. Suggestions :-

CKA website

BKA magazine

BKA website

AFM website ? forums

email all clubs


Note that according to the BKA diary on the BKA website there's 'Norwich' and Kwiek tournaments planned for the date that we've chosen - they weren't there when I looked at suitable dates. It would be helpful if there was a single place where all summer tournaments were registered e.g. the BKA website, but in past years, despite requests, the BKA have failed to list the CKA summer tournament on their website so I expect that not all tournaments get listed there.  Ian to collate possible dates and pick one then pass on to Lisa to publicise.


2. Rick - CitySport 2006.  Korfball courses for Junior and senior.  Rick has emailed Tigers as it is their turn to co-ordinate.


3. Lee - Club school link. I have 2 schools that would like to carry on with Korfball both in the Swaffhams Bulbeck and Prior.  The Swaffhams really do want to support someone to lead an after school club.  A coach is required for U9 and U11 teams, both schools are really excited about national youth day.


Lee has 4 more schools in and around Ely which he is going to before coming out Cambridge way again.  Rick mentioned that Park Street (Where Nikki Heppel of City works) want an introduction to korfball, Equipment is available through the CKA.





Lee mentioned that Tigers 2 did not have their Child Protection forms at a recent match.


Rick – Sports round showed korfball, well presented but very short.


Lucy – Uni are now sporting their new kit (watch out for it!)


Nick – Wanted to mention the presentation of a ref at a recent game.  The ref arrived and reffed the whole game in a duffel coat and outdoor boots.  Nick asked if there could be a standard t-shirt for refs to wear, possibly like national league.  To be discussed at next meeting.







Wednesday 22nd February 7.30pm at the Pike & Eel