CKA Meeting Minutes

<Tuesday 17th October 2006, 7.30 pm, Penny Ferry>





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Laura Neaves)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Juniors (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Lee Matthews)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Vacant)

Development (Sara Neaves)


City Rep [Anthony Proietti ]

Phoenix Rep [ ]

Lions Rep [ ]

Tigers Rep [Reda Ibn-Tahaikt sent his apologies ]

University Rep [Zac Williams ]

Vikings Rep [ ]


There was a vote by email on 'Should 13's be allowed to play in CKA senior competitions' i.e. bringing the CKA policy in to line with the BKA policy. The motion was passed 7 vote for 1 abstention, 2 votes against. Antony mentioned that there were some comments from City that this may hinder the junior league development in future, but as there is only talk of an U11’s league at present this is only something to bear in mind for the future.


Note that any junior player wishing to play in the CKA League or Development League must have a completed Underage Player Request form :-

that needs to be signed by club and area coaches, approved by the CKA and then signed by 2 representatives of the CKA committee, before they can play. A copies of this form should be available at all matches the player intend to play in for inspection by the referee.

National League underage forms :-

take precedence.


The updated CKA League and Development League rules and constitution have been emailed out. The versions currently on the website are not the approved versions and should be ignored. I hope to get the new versions on the website soon.




Accounts Attached

3 Lions and 2 Vikings (formerly Lions) players - Jim, Doug, Laura, Andy, Martin - owe £6.56 each to the CKA for the Level 1 coaching course. (Lions handed over a chq at the meeting)

Receipts for hall hire and sandwiches from Littleport Leisure Centre, totalling £35 needed from Lee.


Season started fine. No major problems.
* Difficulty this season with City and Tigers trying to play all their CKA games on Sundays, but also asking to avoid NL games (also on Sundays). Appreciate problems with venues, but teams wishing to play NL, should probably try and get a CKA venue on days other than Sundays if possible. 5/7 teams in Div 1 now play on Sundays, and there's a danger we move from being a midweek league into a weekend league. In future, I suggest we recommend clubs try and avoid weekend fixtures, particularly in higher divisions.
* It's important that as fixtures officer I have responsive email contacts, and redundant contacts who feel responsible/empowered to answer on behalf of their clubs. This has caused a few minor problems. I propose that I/we build a list of fixtures contacts for each club, which is probably separate from the CKA committee alias.

Thanks were passed on from everyone for all the hard work that has been put into setting up the fixtures this season.


The season has started and there have been many improvements to the website.
The Status List page shows player status on a per period basis.
The Statuses for Period 1 have been calculated prior to the start of the season and are listed in black text (black means valid).
The Statuses for Periods 2 (and 3) are not fixed until all games in Period 1 (and 2) are completed.
Therefore to illustrate that they are illustrative and not to be taken at face value, they are listed in red text (red means not yet valid).
The Fixture List page has been modified to allow you to filter the fixtures exactly how you want to.
You can select All Clubs or individual Clubs or even individual Teams.
If you want to “combine” fixtures for two or more teams, press and hold the CTRL key before clicking on the button.
So if you want to see all Tigers 1 and Tigers NL games in one list, click on Tigers 1, press and hold CTRL and click on Tigers NL.
You click on the Club button to pick all teams within that club.
And you click on the All Clubs button to pick all teams within all clubs.
In addition, you can also now select the Period you are interested in; again multiple periods can be combined using the CTRL key.
You can also view just the Fixtures (i.e. not yet played) or just the Results (i.e. those with scorelines).
You can also view matches in a particular Division (or Divisions using the CTRL key).
It is totally flexible to how you want to see it.
For example if one of you plays for City 1 and the other plays for Phoenix 1, you can combine the fixture lists by clicking on City 1 pressing CTRL and clicking on Phoenix 1.
Perhaps the biggest change is the fact that it now works in IE and in Firefox browsers.
As to the results themselves, I have yet to receive a single scorecard this season in the post!!!
One Liv picked up by hand; another I picked up; two have been emailed by Lee (this was pre-arranged so not an issue) and one I got from an internal City report.
I have yet to hear of the score between Lions 3 and Lions 2.
Could I ask all clubs to please keep a detailed record of the match if they can until this situation is resolved.
I have been in contact with the referees and they have said they were put in the post.
So this is slightly worrying!!!




Schools league: Fixtures have been sent out to 5 school teams; Milton Road x 2, Chalkstone, Little Thetford and Mayfield. They will play each other in a mini league which runs until Christmas. After Christmas there may be a few more schools joining (possibly Park Street, Willingham, Fawcett) and a fresh league will start. Teams will have home and away fixtures and the winner of the league will go on to represent Cambridge in the National Schools Championships on 16th June.

Club League: This has not yet been organised due to a lack of numbers. It is hoped though that it can either start soon, or make a proper start in January including a Norwich team that has no other opposition.

Posts: I have had a lot of request for posts from various people. It would be appreciated if Clubs can apply for grants to get posts (doesn’t have to be awards for all – the City Council award grants too) so that CKA posts can be used for schools.


Andy is working with a couple of Uni players, and also plans to work with Lions to get a few more through their test.



1. Publicity Officer:

Laura Matthews has volunteered for this.

Approved by the committee

2. CPO:

Need Nick Evans, the last CPO to return any paperwork etc. to the CKA.

No response from the BKA yet on what happens if we don't have a CKA CPO

3. Website:

There are a few problems with the CKA website at the moment – Phoenix have offered to host the CKA website – Adam has also offered to give it a face lift.

EKA website has fixtures/results from other areas – Nick to get in contact with them to get CKA results on there




The Cambridge City National League team would like some funding for posts/kits (Depending on amount) – They need to come forward with a definite proposal for modifying CKA posts to plastic baskets, bearing in mind that the CKA only has £700.00

Reda asked if it could be the responsibility of the clubs to mark out areas rather than refs – Andy mentioned that in his email at the start of the season he said the the refs should do it with the assistance of the clubs, but if clubs could get more permanent lines down it would be much easier.

Andy would like to stamp out dissent in games early on. He has already witnessed some murmurings and does not want to hear anymore. Andy will send round the guidelines on dissent to refs again.

All Clubs



Wednesday 13th December 2006 7.30PM @ Penny Ferry - Chesterton