CKA juniors beat the Dutch!

I'd just like to thank everyone who played and helped out with the CKA 'U17' junior squad today.

We played against a Dutch club U17 side that Phil Buttinger/Norwich City had invited over. We played three 2x15 minute games. With an 'A-team', a 'B-team' and then a mixed up game at the end.

We had a few 'overage' players in our side, but on first sight of the Dutch it was clear that they were still going to be physically the much stronger and taller side.

The matches were very competitive and fast, and the newly arrived Vikings shot-clocks gave some first experience of playing with a shot-clock to many of the players.

The CKA 'A' team was:
Chris Brown (Vikings)
Alex Seabright (Vikings)
Hannah Brown (Vikings)
Harriet Watts (Vikings)
Paul Kim (Tigers)
Toby Clark (Tigers)
Rebecca West (Tigers)
Helen Johnson (Vikings)
Robyn Seabright (Vikings) for Harriet Watts
Ant Brolia (Vikings) for Paul Kim

The CKA 'A' team got off to a flying start taking a quick lead with some fantastic shooting, and managed to maintain a 2-3 goal lead for most of the game. At one point in the second half the Dutch came back within a goal, but a strong finish saw the CKA come out 10-6 winners.

A CKA 'B" team was:
Chris Brown (Vikings)
Jamie Smith (Vikings)
Ant Brolia (Vikings)
Paul Kim (Tigers)
Robyn Seabright (Vikings)
Helen Johnson (Vikings)
Jasmine Radford (Vikings)
Harriet Watts (Vikings)
Rebecca West (Tigers)
Toby Clarke (Tigers) for Chris Brown
Alex Seabright Vikings) for Paul Kim

The CKA 'B' beat the Dutch B team 8-3.

The Dutch outplayed us in the final game, when our concentration lapsed slightly, and we made a lot of subs to share the game-time around.

Overall an excellent day. A good competitive game, and a fantastic result. It was great to see players from different clubs playing together with a good team spirit, and although this is only a Dutch club side from a small town, it was pleasing to see that our young players were (in Chris West's and my eyes at least!) technically stronger than the Dutch team, and moved the ball about better.

Special thanks to Martin and Chris who helped referee and operate the shot-clock.


Left to right,
back row: Toby Clarke, Paul Kim, Jamie Smith, Alex Seabright, Ant Borlia, Cris Brown
front row: Robyn Seabright, Harriet Watts, Helen Johnson, Jasmine Radford, Rebecca West, Hannah Brown

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