Accomodation Required for Club School Link Coaches

Two pairs of Dutch coaches are coming over to stay in Cambridge and help with coaching children in schools and also joining in with club training.

Accodation is required for the time they are in Cambridge. The first two come on Sun June 15th and leave the following Saturday. The second two (one of which is Arno from last year) will be coming on Monday 24th and staying until the following Saturday.

I will make sure that I arrange a detailed timetable so that you know exactly where they are eating, coaching etc and who is picking them up. All you have to do is provide them with breakfast, packed lunch (not usually) and an evening meal when they aren't out with other clubs. All the money you spend in housing them will be reimbursed by the CKA.

Please let me know if you can help

Liv Armitage - Chair : Junior Development Committee

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