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And we're off

The second half of the 2005/6 CKA season kicked off in style on January 11th with Tigers 2 against club-mates and league leaders Tigers 1.
As expected Tigers 1 were favourites, despite Hugh and Charlie Barker being out of action. That meant some of Tigers 3 played up, Helen West and Adam Clark.
Tigers 2 held their nerve for the first eight minutes, but then Nick Armitage notched up the first goal, and Tigers 1 were on a roll. Tigers 2 managed to claw just two goals back, a penalty from Jess Llewellyn and a long shot from Paul Kerr-Delworth. The final score was 2: 15.
At the end of the day though, the Tigers 2 players were smiling. As of January 12th, they become Tigers 3, so Helen West and Adam Clark have effectively lumbered themselves and their fellow ex-Tigers 3 now Tigers 2 teammates with a worse goal difference by scoring for Tigers 1.
The next week sees a few crunch matches. For example, in division 1, Tigers 1 face Lions 1. All-new Tigers 2 are also in action against City 1 who currently lie 2nd in the First Division.
In the second division, Tigers 4 take on City 2. They're level on points in the table, but Tigers 4 have a goal difference advantage, so that could be interesting. Intra-club rivalry is also on the cards as Phoenix 2 face Phoenix 3.
While in the third division, top of the table Lions 3 take on club-mates Lions 4, who trail them by just one point. Could that be about to change?
The National league team are also in action with games against Norwich City and Manchester on January 15th and 22nd respectively. It's a home fixture on the 22nd so get yourself along to the Perse to see Cambridge's best in action.

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