{The use of the pronoun He throughout this document is for consistency only, it is understood that anyone so referenced could be of either gender}


1.1.The name of the association shall be the CAMBRIDGESHIRE KORFBALL ASSOCIATION


2.1.The purpose of the Association shall be to:

a)administer, control and develop Korfball in Cambridgeshire;

b)organise and administer the Cambridgeshire Korfball League (C.K.L.);

c)provide for the organisation of the Cambridgeshire County and Inter-area Teams;

d)organise such other additional functions that are considered to be for the furtherance and development of Korfball in the county of Cambridgeshire.


3.1.The Association shall affiliate to the English Korfball Association (E.K.A.)


4.1.Membership shall be open to Korfball clubs in Cambridgeshire who on payment of a joining fee and acceptance by a properly constituted meeting of the Association’s Executive Committee.

4.2.The full joining fee per club shall be set annually by the Association’s A.G.M.

4.3.The A.G.M. shall also set a discretionary rate for clubs affiliating to the Association for the first time. The joining fee is a one off payment made on joining the CKA.

4.4.Full Membership shall allow entry into competitions organised by the Association on the payment of entrance fees

4.5.Associate Membership shall be open to Korfball clubs outside Cambridgeshire by invitation of the Executive Committee and payment of the associate membership fee. The associate membership fee per club shall be set annually by the A.G.M. Associate Membership shall include the same benefits as full membership except that associate member clubs do not have voting rights. If an Associate member of the CKA becomes accepted as a full member of the CKA a payment equal to the difference between the associate membership fee and the full membership will be required


5.1.The Association shall be administered by the Executive Committee which shall consist of:

a)Officers of the Association,

b)A representative of each full member club

5.2.The Chairperson shall call an Executive committee meeting at least five times per calendar year, giving at least ten days notice to all members.

5.3.If petitioned by over 50% of the members of the Executive Committee, the Chairperson shall call an Emergency Executive Committee meeting within ten days of receiving the petition. At least five days notice shall be given to all members.

5.4.Members of full and associate member clubs shall have the right to attend any executive Committee meeting as an observer.

5.5.The minutes of all Executive committee meetings shall be kept and shall be open to inspection by a representative of any full or associate member.

5.6.The Executive Committee shall have the power to temporarily fill any vacancy that may occur until the following Annual General Meeting. The Chairperson may co-opt members to the Executive Committee for specific purposes, but this action must be confirmed by the following General Meeting.

5.7.The Executive Committee shall have the right to remove an officer from their post if the majority of the committee feels that the officer is not performing their duties satisfactorily.


6.1.The officers of the Association shall be:




d)Coaching Officer

e)Refereeing Officer

f)Senior development Officer

g)Junior development Officer

h)League fixtures Officer

i)League Results Officer

j)Publicity Officer

k)Child Protection Officer


7.1.The Officers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

7.2.Nominations for officers, duly seconded and with the consent of the nominee, should be received by the secretary of the Association before the Annual General Meeting. If no nominations are received for a particular post, nominations shall be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

7.3.In the event that there is a single nomination for a post or the existing officer is willing to continue and no one else has been nominated a vote will be taken to confirm their position

7.4.Candidates for CKA posts may not vote for themselves

7.5.No person under the age of 16 years may be elected an officer of the Association.


All officers shall provide Officers Reports to each Association meeting.

8.1.The Chairperson of the Association shall:

a)call all Association meetings and shall chair all meetings;

b)represent the Association at B.K.A. meetings

c)co-ordinate the work of the Executive Committee

d)in cooperation with other Executive Committee members, prepare the Committee’s proposed development plan for adoption by the A.G.M.

8.2.The Secretary shall:

a)take minutes at all meetings and provide minutes from each meeting to be approved at the following meetings;

b) inform all members of meetings

c)maintain the contacts list of all member clubs and their officers

8.3.The Treasurer shall:

a)receive all monies paid to the Association;

b)dispense those expenditures approved by the Association’s Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting;

c)record all individual and club memberships and affiliations

d)organise the annual auditing of accounts

e)shall chair meetings in the absence of the chairperson

8.4.The Coaching Officer shall:

a)organise coaching courses designed to improve the standard of Korfball in Cambridgeshire through liaison with the B.K.A.

b)provide coaching assistance for full members

8.5.The Refereeing officer shall organise refereeing courses, and employ other means appropriate to improve the standard of Korfball refereeing in Cambridgeshire.

8.6.The Senior development Officer shall work to attract new players to the sport. Specifically this will involve:

a)assisting existing clubs attempts to expand;

b)attempting to implement the senior player orientated aspect of the Association’s adopted development plan;

c)answering all general enquiries about the sport from outside bodies with the exception of those under the jurisdiction of the Junior development Officer.

d)to see that a manager for Cambridgeshire for each senior inter-area competition, including 'Counties', is appointed each year by the CKA committee

8.7.The Junior development Officer shall work to attract new youth players to the sport. Specifically this will involve

a)dealing with all enquiries from schools and colleges about Korfball;

b)attempting to implement the junior player orientated aspects of the Associations adopted Development Plan;

c)encouraging schools to add Korfball to their curriculum.

d)to see that a manager for Cambridgeshire for each junior inter-area competition is appointed each year by the CKA committee

8.8.The League fixtures Officer shall:

a)organise the C.K.L. fixtures and refereeing in liaison with the entered club secretaries and issue a fixture list in a timely fashion.

b)he shall also be responsible for dealing with fixture rearrangement during the league season.

c)fulfil any other responsibilities mandated by the league rules adopted by the CKA

8.9.The League results officer shall be responsible for:

a)collating the league results and maintaining up to date league tables, as well as communicating them to the member clubs

b)fulfil any other responsibilities mandated by the league rules adopted by the CKA

8.10.The Publicity Officer shall:

a)be responsible for internal communication between the C.K.A. and its member clubs

b)take action to enhance the image of and knowledge of Korfball in Cambridgeshire though external publicity

8.11.The Child Protection Officer shall:

a)see that the CKA follows the BKA Child Protection Policy and Guidelines

b)maintain Junior Player Registration Forms

c)liaise with BKA and club CPOs

d)ensure that all clubs have the relevant risk assessment performed

e)ensure that all incidents are reported to the relevant bodies


9.1.Fourteen days’ notice of the AGM shall be sent to nominated representatives of all full members, associate members and the BKA. All members and affiliates that have paid their fees may attend.

9.2.The ordinary business of the A.G.M. shall be:

a)to approve the minutes of the previous A.G.M. and any subsequent EGMs

b)to receive reports from all officers of the Association;

c)to receive a financial report from the treasurer including audited accounts;

d)to elect the officers of the association;

e)to elect an honorary auditor

f)to receive proposals for alterations and/or additions to the Constitution, and to vote thereon

g)to adopt a development plan

h)to set affiliation and membership rates for the following year

9.3.Members wishing a subject to be discussed at the A.G.M. shall give notice of such business, in writing, to the secretary fourteen days prior to the A.G.M. or earlier. Seven day’s notice of all such business shall be given to the full and associate members

9.4.An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the Executive Committee or by petition to the Chairperson signed by not fewer that 35 individuals or affiliated members. A petition must include description of the matters to be discussed at the meeting. A minimum of ten day’s written notice, including the meeting’s agenda, shall be given to each full member and associate member. The meeting shall be held within seventeen days of the chairperson’s receipt of the petition.


10.1.The Association shall maintain a bank account named ‘Cambridgeshire Korfball Association’. The bank, branch and type of account shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

10.2.All monies of the Association shall be paid into the account.

10.3.The Executive Committee may authorise the setting up of petty cash floats of not more than £50 by vote at an Executive Committee meeting.

10.4.As far as is practicable, all payments made by the Association shall be by cheque. All cheques shall be signed by an two designated officers of the Association.

10.5.The financial year of the Association shall run from the 1st June until 31st May of the following year. The financial records shall be presented to the Honorary Auditor elected at the previous A.G.M. The Honorary Auditor shall be empowered to see all vouchers and receipts and receive satisfactory explanations to any questions.


11.1.The C.K.L shall be open to entrance by any full or associate member paying C.K.L. entrance fees for each team entered. There shall be no restriction on the number of teams entered by any member club.

11.2.The C.K.L. entrance fees shall be set and annually reviewed by the A.G.M.

11.3.The rules of the league shall be approved by the A.G.M.


12.1. Invitations or trials to play in County teams must be publicised and open to all eligible players

12.2.County team managers are appointed by the CKA committee and responsible for trying to ensure the best available team is entered into the inter-area competition.


13.1.All members of the Executive Committee present (except the chairperson) shall have one vote.

13.2.The chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of votes being called equal.

13.3.Voting will be by show of hands unless a secret ballot is demanded by more than 33% of voting members present.

13.4.No one individual may cast more than one vote on any one resolution.

13.5.No one may vote on behalf of unfilled posts.

13.6.No executive committee post may be voted by proxy, i.e. if a person is an executive committee member and club representative then he gets one vote, another club member could be designated as the clubs representative but no-one else can vote as the committee member.

13.7. In the case of an individual holding more than one Executive Committee posts he shall still only have a single vote and may not transfer any committee vote to another person.

13.8. The quorum for Executive Committee meetings shall be six members of the Executive Committee.


14.1.All full member clubs shall have one vote per representative (except the chairperson) up to a total of two votes (representatives).

14.2.The chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of votes being called equal.

14.3.In the event that the vote is to change an existing policy (e.g. this constitution, the league rules) then at least 50% of voting representatives must vote in favour for the change to be passed. In other votes a straight majority shall decide the outcome.

14.4.Voting will be by show of hands unless a secret ballot is demanded by more than 33% of voting members present.

14.5.No one individual may cast more than one vote on any one resolution.

14.6.The quorum for General meetings shall be 50% of possible member representatives i.e. equal to the number of full member clubs.

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